John Walker's Electronic House

Wedding Invite


Well, congratulations, because you’ve been invited to the Event Of The Year. A wedding that will make Will and Kate’s look like the two-bit slap-dash cheap mess we all knew it was. We’re going to have test tubes.

We’re very excited about getting married. We mean, the whole being married part, but also the day itself. We’re hoping to have a day that truly reflects who we are, our love for each other, and our passion for God. Also, test tubes.

Part of that means we want to have a wedding where people feel comfortable. And if you’re anything like John, that means not wearing clothes complicated by unfathomable puzzles such as cufflinks, whatever on Earth they are. So we want you to feel free to dress as you wish. If that’s a top hat and tails, we would love you to wear that. If you can’t wait to get all smart and/or pretty in your loveliest get-up, please do. If it’s your favourite pair of jeans and that t-shirt with the hole at the back, then, well, you’re very welcome. It’s not going to be one of those places where people whisper menacingly to each other, “But he’s not wearing a TIE!”

We also feel somewhat obliged to warn you that it shall not be a boozy affair. There will be wine with dinner, and something fizzy and alcoholic for toasting, and that’s going to be it. This is partly because the venue does not want us to be all lolling about in the hallways, being sick on their cat. And partly because we’d just prefer it that way.

The day will go like this: As is traditional at such events, we’ll begin with a wedding. Then we’ll all make our way to the next-door building for emergency cream teas. At what may well be around 4.34 we’ll cross back to the church and dine fitfully on a hog roast, followed by speeches so very brief you’ll weep with relief. (Please let us know if your dietary requirements/religion/tummy requires something other than piggy.) And then come the evening all will turn to (albeit sober) revelry, as we enjoy live music performed by various friends in a chilled-out live-lounge style gathering, complete with a light buffet and beanbags. And by 9.30pm it’ll all be over.

It’s the event that will bring together John and Laura, science and faith, matter and anti-matter, gamers and real-life people. Please let us know if you can come by emailing We’re super-excited to have you share this day with us.

Much love,
Laura + John