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Snowman Tragedy

by on Feb.05, 2009, under Photos

I have always wanted to build out of snow, but have never had the opportunity in my adult life. When there have been scraps of snow and I’ve tried to use it, it’s never packed well, and so on. However, the beautiful wad that fell last night is like cold clay. So, well, it had to be a tribute to Calvin & Hobbes.

Red food dye, since you asked

Few other angles here.

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Scientific Breakthrough Sleeps With The Fishes

by on Jan.23, 2009, under Photos

While in the States, Kim and I went to the Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey. I love aquariums, because things are either colourful, or sharks. These are both good.

But the very best thing in the whole building, even better than the beautiful giant turtle, or the gorgeous colours of the jellyfish, was the sign on the desk at the entrance.

Click for bigness.

I bent in half laughing, with the staff staring at me in confusion, and Kim staring at me with resigned familiarity. I can’t wait for them to get it working! All those physicists will look pretty silly when they have to go to the New Jersey aquarium.

Rest of the pics here.

Edit: Ooh, 1000th blog post.

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Bath Is A Bit On Fire

by on Sep.23, 2008, under Photos



More pics.

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For Your Information

by on Jun.11, 2008, under Photos

At the end of a long day, Dexter likes to sit down with a mug of coffee and watch some TV.

dex sitting

dex sitting

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Freakish-Handed Child

by on Mar.14, 2008, under Photos

I took these pictures ages ago, and then completely forgot about them.

I was in town with my sister, and she was paying for parking. I took the opportunity to put my gloves on my nephew, Wil, and then laughed until I hurt. Crappy phone pics, but click on them for a larger version. It’s officially the funniest thing ever.

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New Dex Pics

by on Mar.10, 2008, under Photos

New Dexter pics are up.


But be warned: some are really frightening.

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The Best Picture Of My Nephew So Far

by on Dec.28, 2007, under Photos

After being left to feed himself a Gu chocolate mousse. I said to him, “Hey Wil, smile for the camera!” and he immediately cocked his head to one side and beamed this grin. Smart kid.

No poo jokes.
Click for bigness

Other nephew highlight: Wil running around the house saying, “Gogglygogglygogglygogglygog,” in a serious and important voice, and then looking at me as if I’m a moron for not understanding.

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Philly Pics Post

by on Dec.19, 2007, under Photos

Hello the weirdos who read my blog, here’s some pictures of my recent ho-ho-holidays. Click on each for the full size version.

So let’s begin with my chopped off leg. As you can see, it was not only a very painful and dangerous injury, but also one I had to take very seriously.

Some regrowth had occurred.

Slightly earlier in New York, we did the tourist thing and went up the Empire State Building. What impressed me most was how New York looks an awful lot like a game of Sim City.

You citizens need more power.

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Why My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad

by on Oct.25, 2007, under Photos

Dexter got an early my-birthday present:

Dexter and Dexter sitting in a tree

Which Dexter seems to approve of.


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Happy Birthday Dexter!

by on Oct.01, 2007, under Photos

It’s Dexter’s 1st birthday today.

Bye spider!

Say happy birthday to Dexter everyone.

Wave to the people at home.

So, what did you get him?


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