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Legacy: Dark Shadow. Music To Live By

by on Mar.08, 2011, under The Rest

Every now and then I remember to listen to this theme song, from the adventure game Legacy: Dark Shadows.


And my day gets better.

This is the game that featured these two moments of dialogue, that I’ve written about so many times:

[audio:] [audio:]
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“I” Versus “We”

by on Nov.09, 2009, under The Rest

I’m pondering the approach I will take for a story for Rock, Paper, Shotgun – the small spin-off blog from this site that I allow others to hang around on – about the role sleep plays in gaming. This may sound preposterous, but there are at least two interesting stories to tell, and the subject of game-related dreams is one all gamers can relate to. But I feel an overwhelming urge to write the post as a personal account of my own fears of sleep, making it all about me with slivers of science and theory occasionally sliding in. However, this would raise the ire of those for whom the Important Matter Of Gaming Discussion should not be sullied by personal account.

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