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Cliché: The Movie

    Cliché: The Movie

nickm (Kopete): Let’s get the hell out of here!

johnw-evil: The walls are closing in!

nickm (Kopete): It wasn’t him at all – but then you knew that, didn’t you.

johnw-evil: He was there the whole time.

nickm (Kopete): I’m afraid you made one tiny mistake – but a mistake that was to be your downfall. You see..

nickm (Kopete): Hello? Is somebody in here?

johnw-evil: Put the money in the bag. NOW!

nickm (Kopete): You wait here – I’ll got and investigate!

johnw-evil: DOWN ON THE GROUND! DO IT!

nickm (Kopete): Nice family you have there. It’d be a shame if anything were, to happen, to them.

nickm (Kopete): YOU LEAVE THEM OUT OF IT!

johnw-evil: Look, no one needs to get hurt, alright?

johnw-evil: My parents will be back any minute!

nickm (Kopete): Hello?? Hello?? He’s cut the line!

nickm (Kopete): You won’t shoot me, love. You’re no killer.

johnw-evil: I’m sorry. There’s nothing more we can do.

nickm (Kopete): You guys took your time!

johnw-evil: So help me GOD I’ll kill you ALL!

nickm (Kopete): Honey, I’m home. Honey? Honey? Oh my G…

johnw-evil: I always knew you were the one. Right from the first moment I set eyes on you.

nickm (Kopete): Get in – we’re going for a drive.

johnw-evil: Please, you have to let me in there. She’s my daughter!

nickm (Kopete): You know, I quite like you. It’s a pity I have to kill you.

nickm (Kopete): Shhh darling! Be.. very,, quiet… hhaa..chooo..

johnw-evil: One week from retirement. ONE WEEK!

nickm (Kopete): He had a family! Wife! Kids! What am I going to say to his children?!

johnw-evil: Sorry, Frank. I’m going to need your badge and your gun. Captain’s orders.

nickm (Kopete): You gonna need results, and you gonna need them soon. I can only protect you so long.

johnw-evil: Have you ever seen ANYTHING like it?!

nickm (Kopete): WAIT! Something’s wrong.

johnw-evil: No. Stop. We shouldn’t.

nickm (Kopete): Fido? What is it, boy? Do you hear something?

nickm (Kopete): No. Leave it! He’s not worth it!

johnw-evil: Are you sure this is ok? I mean, should we be…

nickm (Kopete): What do you mean ‘is she at mine?’ I was about to phone you to ask whether *she* was at yours!

nickm (Kopete): It was here, I tell you. Right here!

johnw-evil: Excuse me, sorry to bother you. Have you seen this man?

nickm (Kopete): Something’s wrong here. I don’t like it..

nickm (Kopete): I know .. but he’s my son!

johnw-evil: Nothing, not a single thing, could keep me away from you right now.

nickm (Kopete): How could I stay mad with you?

johnw-evil: SHIT! He’s got a gun!

nickm (Kopete): Just.. give me the gun. You know it makes sense. Just.. give..

johnw-evil: I love you. You know I do. But I can never be with you.

nickm (Kopete): Don’t do anything stupid. We can still help you.

nickm (Kopete): Officer, you’ve got to believe me!

johnw-evil: The moon! The stars! It’s all perfect. Just perfect!

nickm (Kopete): You’re lying to me. You’re lying to your family. But, worst of all, you’re lying to yourself.

johnw-evil: One more word and the kid gets it.

nickm (Kopete): That your kid? Cute kid. I got one ’bout the same age.

johnw-evil: The power’s not in your magic cap. It’s in your heart.

nickm (Kopete): Don’t ever leave me again!

johnw-evil: Ok, there’s 20 seconds to go, we’re 83-87 down, but we can still do it. Jimmy, you know what to do.

nickm (Kopete): Ok, she’s not going back on that stage. All the other understudies are away. You’re our only chance. Get out there and sing!

johnw-evil: I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

nickm (Kopete): I just hope you’re right!

nickm (Kopete): You think you’re so tough? I’ll show you tough.

johnw-evil: Miss. We didn’t think we were worth anything until you came along.

nickm (Kopete): Hey, sir – you’re ok.

johnw-evil: Look – remember what you said to me? Well, are you going to start listening to your own advice?

nickm (Kopete): .. and do you know who told me that so long ago? You..!

johnw-evil: There’s a little voice inside of you that knows I’m right. Just listen to it.

nickm (Kopete): No. You’ve changed. I’ve changed. We’re different people now.

nickm (Kopete): If we pull through this, I’m buying you a beer!

johnw-evil: Just… one… more… inch.

nickm (Kopete): You can do it, dad! I know you can! I believe in you!


nickm (Kopete): I.. can’t.. hold on.. any more..!

johnw-evil: I don’t know you any more!

nickm (Kopete): You’re like a stranger. Who are you?!

johnw-evil: So the DNA mixed with his! It’s so simple!

nickm (Kopete): Take it easy, Frank!

nickm (Kopete): I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it for her.

nickm (Kopete): You’re one hard son of a bitch.

johnw-evil: Stop. He’s dead. Call it.

nickm (Kopete): Breath! Damn you! Breath!

johnw-evil: 1215 to base. We’ve got a 904. Requesting back-up.

nickm (Kopete): No.. it’s nothing.. I’m just a bit tired.. busy day at work.

johnw-evil: NO TIME FOR BACK-UP!

nickm (Kopete): Where’s the man I married?

johnw-evil: Wait… Is that broken glass?

nickm (Kopete): Stop! It’s a trap!

nickm (Kopete): We’ve gotta stop him before it’s too late.

johnw-evil: I’ve never seen one like that before.

nickm (Kopete): Wait – I’ve seen one like that before.

nickm (Kopete): I’ll tell you one thing – if that bastard shows his ugly face here again..

johnw-evil: It’s so SIMPLE! It was staring us in the face all along!

nickm (Kopete): Come here and say that to my face!

nickm (Kopete): Face it, he’s not coming back.

johnw-evil: I, er, came to fix the washing machine.

nickm (Kopete): You’re not real! You can’t hurt me!

johnw-evil: You can’t hurt me any more, Frank.

nickm (Kopete): I’m not imagining things. It was here – right here!

nickm (Kopete): Frank, you’re tired. You’ve been through a lot. Maybe you should take some time off. Take a vacation.

johnw-evil: They’re coming… and there’s THOUSANDS of them.

nickm (Kopete): Get some rest. That’s an order!

johnw-evil: You two, go around the back!

johnw-evil: He’s a dirty cop. He’s always been a dirty cop.

nickm (Kopete): While you’re worrying about “procedure”, I’m gettin’ results!

johnw-evil: We do this one by the book.

nickm (Kopete): We’re not in Kansas any more.

nickm (Kopete): Why, you bastard – I’ll kill ya! I’ll kill ya, I say!

nickm (Kopete): No, inspector, that is where you’re wrong. You see, it was I all along.

johnw-evil: Hey, what are you doing up?

nickm (Kopete): Hold on. Right hand, did you say? He was left handed!

nickm (Kopete): Mommy, is daddy coming back?

johnw-evil: Mommy? Mommy?! You’re not mommy!

nickm (Kopete): While you sit here chatting, people are dying, damn it!

johnw-evil: There’s no one else here Frank. It’s just you and me. We’re going to sort this out once and for all.

nickm (Kopete): But motive, motive. What’s the motive?

johnw-evil: If you want to see your daughter again, you’ll do exactly as I tell ya.

nickm (Kopete): Bring the cops, and she dies.

johnw-evil: Come here so I can whisper.

nickm (Kopete): Yeah, I seen her. She checked out this morning.

nickm (Kopete): Now here’s the plan. You [whisper whisper whisper. whisper whisper whisper].


nickm (Kopete): .. and step on it!

johnw-evil: You son of a…

nickm (Kopete): My God! He was telling the truth!

johnw-evil: My God! You’re beautiful.

nickm (Kopete): You gimme one good reason why I shouldn’t turn you in right now!

nickm (Kopete): I never felt this way about anyone before.

johnw-evil: It’s gonna blow!

nickm (Kopete): Frank! You can’t go back in there! It’s too dangerous!

johnw-evil: Listen to me. There was nothing more you could have done.

nickm (Kopete): How many more people is he gonna kill while you talk about “procedure”?

johnw-evil: To catch the killer, you have to *think* like the killer.

nickm (Kopete): You leave my family out of this!

nickm (Kopete): How could you? I trusted you!

johnw-evil: Don’t touch the beam!

nickm (Kopete): The more you fight it, the stronger it gets.

nickm (Kopete): You gotta believe me! I didn’t mean for that to happen.

johnw-evil: You’re outta last chances, Frank.

nickm (Kopete): You ready to tell the truth yet?

johnw-evil: Just hold steady. No sudden moves.

nickm (Kopete): It’s ok buddy – nobody’s gonna hurt ya.

johnw-evil: Put it down and this is alllll over.

nickm (Kopete): But how do I know you’ll keep your promise?
You don’t – but you don’t have much choice.

nickm (Kopete): Did you see that? There it is again.

nickm (Kopete): No. That was no dream. I was THERE!

johnw-evil: But don’t you see? Don’t you get it yet?!

nickm (Kopete): Hold on. I didn’t tell you her name! How did you know her name?

nickm (Kopete): You.. stupid.. bastard! You’ve let him get away!

johnw-evil: Waitasecond. I’ve see you somewhere before.

nickm (Kopete): No sir, no trouble. No trouble at all.


nickm (Kopete): There’s something about him I don’t like.

nickm (Kopete): It’s quiet. Too quiet.

johnw-evil: God damn this flashlight!

nickm (Kopete): So it was you all along!

nickm (Kopete): What happened to your face?

johnw-evil: It’s what you humans might call “love”.

nickm (Kopete): Let’s both be reasonable adults about this..

johnw-evil: This is MY case. You’re not taking it away from me now.

nickm (Kopete): If I knew better I could have sworn that was you there.