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Rum Doings Episode 273: RIP Graeme Payne

by on Mar.16, 2021, under Rum Doings

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In our 273st ever Rum Doings, our topic is: what if Megan Markle’s baby isn’t black enough?

For the second week in a row, this is a double-length bumper episode. We cover all the events of the previous week, from racist royals to the uselessness of John Oliver, vaccine conspiracies to Biden’s fails.

This episode is a tribute to our friend and the listener, Graeme Payne, who died last week.

To get this episode directly, right click and save here. To subscribe to Rum Doings click here, or you can find it in iTunes here. Maybe? Do any of these links still work? Does anyone listen?

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3 Comments for this entry

  • James B

    Just seen this upload. I didn’t even need to nag for it, how splendid (although it was on my to-do list).

  • Troon

    I was sad to hear about Graeme’s passing. I had been ripping off his Twitter to compensate for my lacking diversity of thought, and the lack of recent tweets was concerning. In my defense, I did once write him an ‘actually quite good’ joke.

    Your podcasts are good. A plagiarists treasure trove for sure.

  • Winterborn

    My condolences to all friends and family of Graeme Payne.

    I’ve listened to Rum Doings since you were in double digits and John was yet to become a father, I’ve probably missed 10 or 20 along the way but all in all I’ve spent hundreds of hours listening to you two talk(occasionally from a cruise ship).

    Politics is a small part of the show so in spite of John’s vague liberalism and Nick’s aggressive Neoliberalism I’ve managed to make allowances – as you do for friends, even if they’re parasocial friends – and grit my teeth while Nick speaks very authoritatively about something I disagree with him on entirely(force the vote for example).

    However while I was happy to see I had two! double length episodes! to enjoy and was indeed enjoying them, I was suddenly gut punched with your comments about Len McCluskey “withdrawing much of the money because the Labour Party said they would be nice to Jews” followed by John calling Len a “good old Nazi baddie”

    Len McCluskey is the best trade union leader in Britain. When friends of mine have laughed at the idea that the Keir Starmer Labour Party can be influenced to make good decisions I’ve said that there is still Len working tirelessly for the working class. To hear one of the very best people working in electoral politics in the UK misrepresented and called a Nazi? of all things is genuinely deeply upsetting.

    I debated making this comment for days… I’ve listened and enjoyed without reaching out to thank you. So leaving a comment telling you I won’t be listening any more seems churlish but I needed to communicate how sad it is to leave something you’ve enjoyed for so long and I think people who read these comments are probably the best audience.

    John, you’re a genuinely nice person and I have often enjoyed your television recommendations.

    Nick, I think the closest person to a true polymath I’ve encountered – you’ve taught me a great deal.

    Thanks for all the entertainment, I wish you all the best going forward, perhaps I’ll try to follow Buried Treasure.