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Rum Doings Episode 262: We Should Probably Stop

by on Aug.07, 2019, under Rum Doings

In our 262st ever Rum Doings, our topic is either: “With the latest set of atrocities, can we finally ban these video nasties?” or indeed: “With all these floods, shouldn’t we just get rid of dams and use bottles instead?”

Instead we discuss weeing, because look, we’re in our 40s now. And indeed erections. That out the way, I’m afraid we turn to slightly more distasteful topics, and analyse the calculated awfulness of our new PM. Nick then goes on to be wrong about The Orville, while John, by contrast is right. And then everything breaks and we give up.

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  • Daniel

    You place far to much importance on personal character when it comes to politics. It is entirley possible in politics for bad poeple to good things.

  • NM

    I quite agree that it’s possible for bad people to do good things. For example, I think what Trump is attempting to do with North Korea is a good thing, much better than what Obama tried.

    But this doesn’t mean that I should generally consider a sociopath would be a generally better politician than someone with consistent principles.