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Rum Doings Episode 259: It’s SNOOOOWWWING!

by on Feb.01, 2019, under Rum Doings

In our 259nd ever Rum Doings, our topic is, why don’t we just stop having wars after all?

Naturally we launch straight into SNOW NEWS. Nick is SO EXCITED! Then it’s onto an old favourite: how weather forecasting is a sham and must be stopped.

Nick bans the phrase “toxic masculinity”, in the fashion of a man using his maleness to impose his views on us all, and John suggests there might be human rights issues in more than one specific country. Then it’s TV recommendations time, with I’m Sorry and Big Mouth top of the list.

Then everything devolves into just a bit of a chat, really.

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  • Matt

    I love that you transitioned from a heated debate about the term ‘toxic masculinity’ to arguing about whether snow is bad or good in a second.

  • Neil

    I am afraid you were wrong about two things in this episode.

    The first is that the Met Office weather app absolutely does show you the percentage chance of precipitation. I suggest that John abandons the execrable BBC Weather app with all its false certainty.

    The second is that the latest season of The Good Place has been all over the shop, quality-wise and is decidedly poorer than the more focused plots of the first two seasons. The last episode wasn’t bad, but if another character loses their memory again I shall despair.

    Otherwise this episode was very entertaining, and I am enjoying the semi-regularity of this latest flurry of episodes while I can!

  • Daniel

    I haven’t listened to the Daniel episode as I am apprehensive about listening to 40mins of how terrible and racist I am. It is also weird having an episode all about me, I’ll probably listen to it eventually but i have enough anxiety as it is without listening to a character assassination of myself lol

    In what way does the left say nothing about Turkey? The left has a big presence over there and the Turkish state is always imprisoning and shutting down left wing opposition. In fact the Turkish state is a good comparison to the Israeli state. Turkey is racist towards the kurds, Israeli state likes to stomp on Palestinians. Both states want to be ethno-nationalist and a result of that is the attacks against people who already live there but do not belong to the correct ethnicity.

    Also if you want better and more honest weather forecasts you should rely on forecasters such as the Mountain Weather Information Service.

    Generally much better than the bbc.