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Rum Doings Episode 258: Daniel Special

by on Jan.22, 2019, under Rum Doings

In our 258rd ever Rum Doings, our topic is, if the NHS is so short on beds, why don’t they just buy some more beds?

We begin with a delve into our spam folders, ponder Philly’s crash, and of course there’s some Brexit natter.

And then we move on to Daniel! Daniel from the comments from previous episodes. Oh Daniel. It’s all about you, Daniel!

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1 Comment for this entry

  • Daniel Z Klein

    Dear Rum Doings podcast,

    My name is ALSO Daniel and on behalf of Daniels everywhere I’d like to make the following statements:

    1) Dogs are good and we can only aspire to be as happy about anything as dogs are about everything

    2) 99.99% of times when anti-semites bring up Palestine it’s really not about Palestine, and I loved your take-down of that very bad opinion

    3) Myst was a good and important videogame, especially if you like to read a lot of words.

    4) Cats are acceptable. They rank somewhere between dogs (very good) and humans (mostly bad).

    Thank you for your attention & timeliness.