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Rum Doings Episode 257: It’s The Heathens

by on Jan.04, 2019, under Rum Doings

In our 257nd ever Rum Doings, our topic is, bearing in mind the children, should we now destroy all screens?

It’s our first Rum Doings of 2019, so it’s out with the old, and in with the old again. Brexit, Corbyn, how to roast a turkey – of course we discuss it all.

Then there’s the evolution of dropping litter, are councils mythical, and is the reason for all problems in the world the lack of empty supermarket car parks on a Sunday?

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  • Zorganist

    On the subject of littering, John is deeply incorrect about prehistoric waste disposal and is there is a very important and influential archaeological study which demonstrated how refuse patterns at palaeolithic hunter-gatherer sites were caused exactly by people sat around the camp fire tossing bits of old bone over their shoulders. Most archaeological material, in fact, is the remains of people leaving all their broken crap on the floor, or in the street, or in fields, or in rivers, or whatever.

  • NickM

    You could have saved time by abbreviating your comment to “John is deeply incorrect”.

  • Daniel

    Tital is basically a video game area.

  • Daniel

    We have had a decade of post crash economy and nearly a decade of misrule by Tories. The kind of problems you say you saw in the 90s pre blair are here now. I was 17 when David Cameron was elected PM, and the amount of homeless poeple I had to walk over in Manchester visibly increased each year if going to uni. It’s totally normal to read in the news of the homeless dieing in the cold.

    But unlike when Blair was elected in 1997, there is no way of copying an unreconstructed third way Blairism. There is no run away financial sector to tax to fund public service after the crash. This is why the Blairites and Brownites (like Evette Cooper) were not a viable option. No matter how much you hate Corbyn he has been the only one to push anyking of economic agenda that has a hope of fixing anything. It says alot about the right and soft left of the labour party that it took the far left of the party to offer any alternative.

    Also Corbyn’s Brexit position has been the same since the last conference. Why this keeps suprising people I do not know.

  • NickM

    Please provide any evidence that what Corbyn proposes would have any hope of fixing anything. As far as I can tell, he has a completely inchoate mixture of tokenistic tinkering on the one hand, and Venezuelan-style command-economy 1970s shite on the other. He offers nothing fresh, nothing innovative, nothing truly thought-provoking. That’s a bigger crime even than his Jew-baiting etc: he provides no credible alternative. And John McDonald is a bad joke.