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Rum Doings Episode 254: You Can’t Make A Human Without Miscarrying Eggs

by on Jul.20, 2018, under Rum Doings

In our 254rd ever Rum Doings, our topic is, now Cliff Richard is definitely not a paedophile, is it safe to start posting him our children again?

Nick’s in somewhere called “The United States Of America”, which is apparently some sort of second attempt at England. He’s there to speak at his cult. A cult that believes this is episode 255 when it’s 254.

We talk about John’s getting fired from the Cat Magazine, we ponder Putin, and then get into the terrible people of Bubbling Life.

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  • Daniel

    Fox News went against Trump on the Russia thing so there is that.

    I agree with Nick on North Korea. They want to do what China did. The regime stays in charge whilst they make a load of capitalist reforms. Which will hopefully mean the population of NK can actually have enough food.

    I don’t agree that Kim is some mad bond villain. It is completely rational what they have been doing. They need nukes and they have them now. Otherwise you end up like Gadafi, being butcherd and your dead body being peraded on the street. It would be mad to get rid of your nukes.