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Rum Doings Episode 252: Shuffling The Pack

by on Jun.15, 2018, under Rum Doings

In our 252rd ever Rum Doings, our topic is, now that Einstein’s diaries show that he was xenophobic against Asians, isn’t it about time we no-platformed special and general relativity?

Every now and then we like to break up the flow, and include a good episode. This is one of those.

We begin with discussions of HRH Prince Charles’ need for a cream tea, move on to Trump vs N Korea, and then Nick advocates holocausts, both nuclear and Nazi.

John tells a story of Bodmin Jail’s incredibly balanced perspective on paranormal phenomena, we have a message from our sponsor, and we dive into our podcast subscriptions.

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  • Daniel

    Ghenghis Khan with his genocides is generally credited with linking up the east with europe so given enough time the holocaust will probably be given a similar level of treatment in the story of human progress being built on dead bodies.

    I am sypathetic with the argument that Trump, the irag war and other such events have the potential to be catalysts for positive change. But I am not sure why both Brexit and Corbyn do not also get this same treatment. I severely doubt both Corbyn and Brexit are going to result in similar levels of death and destruction as the irag war. 500,000 UK jews are not going to die if Corbyn became PM. It is not as if the staus quo is not without negative consequences.

    Maybe Brexit and Corbyn are to close to Nick in both time and space to apply the same reasoning?

    Also I think you guys never address the main argument for vegetarianism or veganism. That is an ethical thing to do to reduce animal suffering. Even if it is a less than optimal diet for humans you evidently can still live on such a diet. The trade off to dieing in your 70s as apposed to deing in your 90s is hardly that great compared to ending what goes on in our meat industry. Not to mention that most poeple who eat meat do not consume a keto inducing diet. They still have chips with thier steak.

  • Hotel

    I’m not sure vegetarianism knocks 20 years off ones life?