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Rum Doings Episode 242: They Taste Power In Their Maw

by on Sep.27, 2017, under Rum Doings

In our 242th ever Rum Doings, our topic is, post Uber, where now for cheap access to sexual molestation?

We return, to talk Cornish meat, school homework, and Labour’s betrayal.

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  • Steven

    Why does Corbyn want to leave the EU? He can’t quite come out in favour except using the sop that he’s “respecting the will of the people”. So it’s really tough to figure out his position…

  • Frankie

    Here’s something that a man less familiar with Rum Doings lore might refer to as a factoid: The mathematician George PĆ³lya proved that if Nick were to extend indefinitely one of his random runs around New York, he would always return eventually to his starting point.

  • Callan

    Good episode. Nonsense comments:

    I hold the incorrect opinion that season 1 is the best of the leftovers and season 3 the weakest (it was still rather good).

    I think it It is a bit unfair to say Hawking is a bad scientist. He just occupies a greater place in the public’s science imagination than he might on the merits.

    Frankie: when Nick tries the same tactic off the international space station he is going to be in a lot of bother.