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Rum Doings Episode 241: Fields Are Nicer Without Nazis In Them

by on Aug.18, 2017, under Rum Doings

In our 241th ever Rum Doings, our topic is, nurse, nurse, come here, I need you.

We’re back, after a million year hiatus! And we record in the same room!

Forewarning: at the time we recorded (the weekend) the news was reporting that it was anti-Nazis that had driven into the crowds. Obviously that wasn’t the case.

We talk Nazis, Trump, sciatica and child-rearing. We get interrupted, we deeply investigate the gravy boat, and we explain why we won’t be rid of Theresa May. And loads more!

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4 Comments for this entry

  • Qivers

    I agree with John that the use of “Brexit” is thoroughly awful. The general portmanteau explosion (or Portmansplosion) since the referendum has been intolerable.

  • Gassalasca

    Did John refer to the original Solaris as ‘the Italian film’?

  • Xercies

    About Time the Richard Curtis movie also did the if you go back in time before your child is born and change something the child will change as well. Thought it was pretty clever at the time.

  • steven hutton

    Thankyou for being some of the only people to say that Corbyn did badly against May. She was so terrible that almost anyone else would’ve won.

    Imagine if she’d run against someone like Blair in the late 90s. She’d have lost so badly she’d have turned to dust.