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Rum Doings Episode 238: Richard Stallman Is Bogus

by on Apr.20, 2017, under Rum Doings

In our 238th ever Rum Doings, is Japan still possible?

Perhaps rather obviously we discuss the forthcoming surprise General Election, and the abundance of delightful choice we have in casting our vote. But of course we also talk Bill O’Reilly, Anglican churches, and Judith’s forthcoming miserable holiday. And the joys of going through IVF, and grim porn.

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  • T

    I very much hope that you don’t think eradicating/controlling knotweed, grey squirrels, rhododendron and the plethora of other invasive non-natives is a bad idea simply because you equate such actions to nonsense nationalism. It’s ecology 101. I’ve been studying ecological science for 3 years and I can tell you it’s very much important. Controlling knotweed isn’t just about keeping our natural heritage (and no, I’m not talking from an “anything foreign is bad” point of view), it causes issues with flood management, damages infrastructure and impacts on biodiversity levels.

  • Callan

    I wonder why North Korea doesn’t go against Nick’s usual interventionist stuff:

    One can easily argue that 50 years on the country is under fascist rule as a result of brutal militarism.

  • Callan

    For me the election is straightforward in terms of analysis – accept the lesser-of-two evils, vote for whichever party is most likely to minimise conservative seats in your area (other than UKIP obv).

    Your arguments against anti-establishment politicians being themselves members of the establishment is, I think, much less strong than it appears. It is essentially the same as accusations of ‘champagne socialist’ i.e. it makes hypocrisy an overriding moral crime (tu quoque as debate pedants would put it). Of course all politicians are elite but that doesn’t mean all politicians should advocate for elite interests, this seems perfectly obvious in the abstract (this article makes the same sort of point: It is also bad form that Nick selectively uses identity politics in these instances, despite being horrified when women he disagrees with say the same thing. I also didn’t understand the problem you had with John McDonnell saying £70 000 is rich. [Note: I am not a corbynista or whatever the term is, I just thought your arguments were bad.]

  • Xercies

    This election is depressing me quite a bit. Wouldn’t vote for Tories but do believe that Corbyn couldn’t be Prime Minister to save his life and to be honest he has gone against a lot of things that I feel are important and the EU referendum is not the least of it. It will probably be a hold my nose, sigh and vote for Labour jobby to be honest.

  • Daniel

    You can be part of an establishment and be against the interests of said establishment you are part of and instead acting in the interests of those who sent you into the establishments to represent them. That is the historical point of the labour party, to do just that.

    It was meant to give the working class (and other group interests) a way of capturing state power and have representatives act in their interests, whatever that may or may not be. That has normally meant using the state in such a way that tames the capitalist system and makes it work more for “normal” people as apposed to society being ran in a way that is dominated by the interests of ruling classes only.

    If you can’t do that then that just leaves some kind of anarchist revolutionary option.

  • Daniel

    Of course Corbyn has no chance of capturing state power so its all academic -.-

  • Daniel

    Politicians do get assassinated. Jo Cox was assassinated not that long ago.

  • Daniel

    Also would this election have even happened if there was a stronger Labour leader? I think it is only happening due to the massive poll lead the Tories have. The fix term act was a colossal waste of time as it was meant to stop PMs from holding elections when the polls favour them.

  • Daniel

    Totally agree that labour shouldn’t have voted to trigger the general election.

    (Sorry about all the post spam but I can’t edit the original and I made this posts as I was listening through the podcast)

  • Dean

    In the other reality where Corbyn isn’t leader, May hasn’t risked calling the election…

    I still don’t fancy his chances at all, and you’re right about the populism being ridiculous and false, but it’s the one way it could even possibly work.

    And y’know, if you’re Christian then Jesus was the messiah and either way Trump did win. Of course, as much as I like his policies, I’m starting to think that if through some miracle he became PM, that in itself would be scary. Weirdly I think he’s more likely to step down if he wins than if he loses!

  • Kit

    Congrats to John for his hypermotile sperm and congrats to Nick on the GNU Mailer project.

  • Oppai

    Wait, is John Walker not gay? Why does he talk like that then?