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Rum Doings Episode 231: 100% Desiccated Breakfast

by on Dec.09, 2016, under Rum Doings

In our 231th ever Rum Doings, our topic is, is the cynical introduction of affordable 4K HDR televisions the last straw?

In another pleasingly mixed episode we talk all over the place, from remembering Fight Club to from where the next child abuse scandal shall emerge, adoption and fostering to the luck and timing of creative success. We try to fathom YouTube like old, old men, and then laugh at how silly Googles are.

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  • Peter

    Continuing Nick’s tip with using Firefox with YouTube. You can get around Spotify’s requirement of a premium subscription when casting to a Chromecast by using the Chromecast app (now called Home). Just cast your screen/audio to your Chromecast device then open Spotify.

  • Kit

    Google has a long history of releasing more than one product aimed at the same audience ( ).

    The Nest situation seems to be different, though. Google wanted to get into competition with Amazon’s Alexa but Nest had failed to launch any new products after its acquisition. Some corporate rejiggling spun Nest back out as a separate Alphabet company, but it still wasn’t able to get anything out the door. Grumbles about permanent crunch started to emerge from former employees. Google, tired of waiting, launched its own internal initiative and refused to worth with Nest when it came to integrating the two products.

    The most recent developments have been the Nest CEO quitting (or being forced out) and all of Nest’s programmers being transferred over to the Google Home team, under the supervision of the Android SVP. Maybe we’ll finally see some movement on uniting those platforms.

  • Xercies

    Judging by the news yesterday about the police and inappropriate behavior towards vulnerable woman surely the Police should be the next big scandel? Im still unsure about Fight Club the whole anarxhist stuff is so alluring. Here is a great piece that delves into that:

  • Matt

    Your understanding of the whole PewdiePie thing is very slanted. I would advise you to actually watch his recent videos relevant to the situation (I can only assume from what you’ve said that you haven’t because no person could watch that and come away with the view that Pewdiepie was racist.

    The reason why “I get it, it’s because I’m white isn’t it” wasn’t mentioned by the BBC is because they have some actual journalistic integrity. Because that was a sarcastic (and okay not very funny) joke that took all of a couple of seconds to make before he moved on.

    I’m not subscribed to Pewdiepie, and never have been, I just had to check out the situation after hearing what you said about him.

    Also… I don’t understand how you know that Youtube hasn’t changed its algorithms because the evidence seems to suggest that it has, and Youtube isn’t exactly in the habit of being super open and actually letting people know when it’s changing its algorithms.

  • John Walker

    See, Matt, I DID watch him say it, and it didn’t exactly come across as a man who was joking. It came across as a man who was bitter and spoilt.