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Rum Doings Episode 228: Vote Trump We Were JOKING

by on Nov.04, 2016, under Rum Doings

In our 228th ever Rum Doings, our topic is, since it is clear we cannot be trusted with cotton buds and ears isn’t it about time they were banned?

We talk about how all judges are pure evil hellbent against the will of the people, the Brexit effect (Brexfect), and move on to the American election. Plus we accuse just about everyone of terrible crimes, and then explain why everyone should vote Trump.

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  • Dan

    Re: an early election in the U.S., as far as I know, you generally can’t have them. If, for example, a Congressman dies, the Governor of the state usually appoints a replacement for the rest of the term (and normally there is no by-election). There may be exceptions, as I believe the states decide how this works.

    In the case of the Presidency, the XXV Amendment formally outlines what happens. If a President dies, resigns or otherwise becomes permanently incapable of discharging their duties, the Vice-President is sworn in as full (not Acting) President, and serves the rest of the term. There is no provision for an early election that I’m aware of. So if Trump goes after a year, Pence would serve as President (and appoint a new Vice-President) until January 2021 at the earliest.

  • Kate

    Regarding impeachment – No election. So if Trump was elected then Mike Pence(his VP) would step in. It follows the rules of Succession regardless of how or why the President left office.

  • Zorganist

    I’m pretty sure there’s no way to call an early Presidential election in the US- if a President is impeached or resigns or dies the Vice President takes over for the rest of the term. In fact, they have a massive great line of succession to determine who gets to be the President if subsequent appointees end up incapacitated for various reasons.

  • Kit


    now we get to see if Nick’s accelerationism theory holds.

  • Peter

    As requested I wrote a sonnet for Nick (pre US election results). The podcast email prompt bounced it back as spam… which is fair, given its mainly gibberish. Not really knowing what else to do with it, I’ll inflict it on the comments section:

    If all the force of might a man can bring
    within a taught and single straining bud
    is brought upon this monstrous cottoned thing
    and from the deepest ear will draw fresh blood

    your senses tell you all the world is wrong
    corruption has turned over rationale
    and yet you know that all the buzzing throng
    is just a pressure in the ear canal

    the passage to your thoughts is still not clear
    but folly has dug out those waxen lumps
    and more destruction cannot calm your fear
    as no such drastic actions turn up Trumps

    So if you choose the q-tip save your breath
    For in this verse you’ll find no shibboleth