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Rum Doings Episode 224: The Strychnine Sugar On The Arsenic Cake

by on Sep.09, 2016, under Rum Doings

In our 224th ever Rum Doings, our topic is pray a moment of silence in Princess Anne’s chesty time of need.

We talk statins, home schooling, and then Nick makes John talk about No Man’s Sky. This naturally leads on to lazy writing in Star Trek, the madness of Knob Hill, and when will the Labour vote finally be over?

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  • Alec

    I can think of two holo-heavy Trek episodes that don’t revolve around the safety protocols going haywire:

    It’s Only A Paper Moon, where Ezri’s incompetence as a counsellor drives Nog to seek help for his PTSD from Vic.

    Take Me Out To The holosuite, where the main characters achieve a moral victory by playing baseball slightly better than a team of Vulcans expected.

  • scotchmi_st

    I’m way too scared of the possibility of Trump having access to nukes to want him to be in power. I don’t care if both the senate and the house conspire to block every scrap of legislation Trump tries to pass. Putin can goad Trump into launching nukes without anyone to stop him and that’s enough to make living in New Zealand seem like an attractive proposition.

  • Nick Mailer

    They won’t goad Trump into anything. Let’s stop living our own operas.