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Rum Doings Episode 221: The Bus Aficionados

by on Aug.03, 2016, under Rum Doings

In our 221th ever Rum Doings, our topic is, the British Summer, eh?

We talk about the subject that is at the forefront of the English-speaking world’s current interests: a vintage bus rally. And this tattoo and this image leads us to considered the delightful Nazism of Disney. Nick grills John on Toby’s pink pram, and then we consider Owen Jones’ latest peculiar twist.

John tells a story that means no one will ever touch him again, we attempt to understand Pokemon GO and the potential of augmented reality gaming, and consider just how awful are the Cornish.

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5 Comments for this entry

  • Zorganist

    I object to John’s adulation of the Welsh flag. The Welsh flag is terrible. The dragon featured therein is a heraldic dragon, regardless of what John says, and is presented in the most boring possible heraldic pose. White and green are also pretty rubbish background colours. Appropriately enough for John’s Game of Thrones comment, it looks like something a thirteen year old would invent for a crappy fantasy novel because they think anything with dragons in it is automatically somehow cool.

    The flag of Bhutan is much better.

  • Hotel

    Bhutan’s dragon would eat the Welsh one.

  • Alec

    The story of how Ingress, Pokemon GO’s predecessor, came into being is really interesting:

    The user-driven aspect is how you end up with GO landmarks like this:

  • scotchmi_st

    There’s a well-known (probably false) correlation between taking a long time to learn to speak and becoming a physicist! Richard Feynman’s parents were worried he was slow as a child because he didn’t speak properly until he was about 4, as were Einstein’s.

  • Kirby Guevana

    For some reason that we aren t going to mention, we have all manner of rum goodies in the episode, including a rum sponge cake from Nick s wife Victoria, gingerbread rum from Nick s brother, and rum butter from the wilds of Windermere.