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Rum Doings Episode 213: A Constant Stabbing Pain

by on May.12, 2016, under Rum Doings

In our 213th ever Rum Doings, our topic is, if ghosts don’t exist then how do you explain all the wind?

We discuss John’s adventures in hospital, the new London mayor, and the snottiest of MSPs. We also ponder how technical mishaps can so easily lead to attending anti-Semitic rallies, and laugh at stupid readers of RPS.

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5 Comments for this entry

  • Buzby

    Thankyou chaps. I’m only halfway through but I had to jump on this.
    Re gall bladder: totally agree with Nick – get a second opinion; research; eat pro-actively.
    Also, the NHS needs a big bulldozer and rebuilding – transparency and patient education/empowerment must be keystones. (I’ve been at the hands-on end of it for 16years).
    Now back to the podcast…

  • buzby

    woops – meant cornerstones…

  • James B

    No comments? You bunch of monstrous ingrates.

    Maybe I am, in fact, “the listener”?

    I should try and ask a question, I ‘spose.

    I’m one of these weird exercise obsessives (ironman triathlons, 24 hour bike races, ultramarathons etc). Is there any hope for me? Will I always be a bore at parties? What grave personality defects does this reveal about me?

  • NM

    If you’re obsessed with things like ultramarathons, then it isn’t the personality defect you need to worry about, but heart defects. My dad was a Comrades Marathon obsessive when he was young, and now enjoys atrial fibrilation for his pleasure. As do most of his compatriates who trained similarly.

    You enjoy what Mark Sisson calls Chronic Cardio. There are worse things to enjoy. My limit is half-marathons. And learning to do stuff like Muscle Ups in the gym.

  • James B

    Comrades is definitely on my to-do list.

    I’ve had about 15 pull-ups at my best but never a muscle up. See under this heading of vague life-goals also: walking on my hands, handstand push-ups and multiple double-unders.