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Rum Doings Episode 209: National Mockery Day

by on Mar.14, 2016, under Rum Doings

In our 209th ever Rum Doings, our topic is, should no cenotaph ever be filmed at any time?

After our brief hiatus we’re back, aiming for the traditional weekly schedule. And after a brief discussion of John’s anxiety disorder and the symptoms thereof, we spend most of the episode learning who would not be allowed on Nick’s island.

From those who don’t play petrol pump number games to those who are frightened of semi-colons banned at the gates, Nick’s island is going to be one quiet place. But will you get in? You’d better.

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  • scotchmi_st

    Can we ban people who use the word ‘appropriate’ in the context of some sort of weaselly cultural disapproval? For example; “I don’t think it’s appropriate for the teacher to have given the class Breakfast Of Champions to read”.

    Also I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the recent Adam and Joe reunion.

  • Taylor

    Great podcast, John and Nick!

    I believe the species you were think of, John, was the Goldcrest. Also, Sycamore is a invasive non-native species which is regularly cut down in woods. Like the Sweet Chestnut it’s also a prolific urban tree. It has however become naturalised and is generally accepted as part of the flora of the British Isles. Sycamore is also great for traditional wood carving. I’m the last person to want trees to be cut down in situations were they are of value (being in in-training ecologist), but that tree shouldn’t have really been there in the first place and it was causing damage to surrounding development. If it was a veteran Oak on the other hand, I’d have a much less sympathetic stance for felling. Just because some little house or pavement is being damaged a tree that could harbour up to 800 biota
    and has survived for centuries shouldn’t be taken down.


  • Troye Wallett

    Welcome back. Have been missing you guys.

  • James B

    Welcome back chaps. Sorry to hear about your ongoing roller-coaster year John. My concern is somewhat allayed by Nick not apparently being concerned enough to stop taking the piss. Full marks to you both, anyhoo.

    Hearing about John’s various trials really emphasises the weird asymmetry of being a long-time listener. I’ve heard aspects and details of your lives that I suspect I wouldn’t have heard from my own friends. As a consequence could I apologise in advance that I meet either of you in real life I am likely to be rather sinisterly over-familiar?

    I should add that I am slightly disappointed with the comments thread so far; only a single semi-colon from Scotchmi to pander to Nick’s particular grammatical peccadillo? Do Taylor and Troye realise their predicament?

    I missed the island list. I’m consistently compliant with almost every criteria except the petrol court lottery. Standing on the forecourt is so boring that the only sensible course is to fill the car to bursting with fuel on every visit. Aiming for a particular total risks under-filling and potentially increases the number of necessary refuellings.

    I do think that a littering-based assessment was a notable omission though as it would be a shame to ruin your splendid little island with lucozade sport bottles discarded by some entirely inactive little tosser or sports gel wrappers discarded by a fat business man in full replica kit on a 10 mile bike ride on a £5,000 carbon road bike. (If that seems a little angry, I’m trying to enter into the spirit of the thing).

  • Nick Mailer

    Spoiler alert: litter-droppers are on my list and will make an appearance next week.

  • Callan

    I do hope you have an alcatraz/gitmo combo lined up for those that continue to believe in the magic disappearing qualities of cigarette butts.

  • The Rum Doings Rater

    Rum Doings Episode 209: National Mockery Day is hereby awarded: 8.2/10

    +3 for no video games
    + 2 for no politics

    – 1.8 for no Rum.


  • Gassalasca

    I am seriously considering uploading that soundbite of Nick’s saying ‘All cultures appropriate all other cultures; that’s the point of cultures.’ to YouTube, just so I could share it in case of an emergency.

  • scotchmi_st

    It’s also worth noting that the Complete Works of Shakespeare on Project Gutenberg is 5.3MB in size. That’s far too generous a limit for the size of a static web page if you ask me.

  • Feral_P

    John, curious if you’ve tried meditation? It might sound a bit new-agey but it’s actually well evidenced to help with anxiety. Would just be interested to hear a general discussion of the topic if either of you have anything to say, actually.