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Rum Doings Episode 200: No Hats

by on Sep.15, 2015, under Rum Doings

In our 200th ever Rum Doings, our topic is that it’s episode 200.

We obviously talk Corbyn, the causes, the reactions, and the future, and unsurprisingly, that dominates. Not so much though that we don’t also manage to say entirely unnecessarily offensive things, talk about fireplace shopping with UKIP, and Nick bans all hats for immigrants.

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9 Comments for this entry

  • boaby

    Good chat, again!

    I am far more pro corbyn than anti (I do live in scotland so like to imagine that it doesn’t directly concern me) but it’s great to hear this kind of thing reasonably discussed.

  • Evert

    For me, Corbyn is strangely not as bad as I feared and much worse. Better: because he seems able to occasionally make accomadation with reality (such as appointing a pro-Iraq, pro-NATO, pro-Trident shadow defense secretary). Worse: I did not quite anticipate how adolescent he would act and provide easy material for an inherently hostile press – and John McDonnell, seriously? Hopefully he will start to be better advised soon.

    On talking to Hamas, IRA, et al: it is not just that he did not talk to right-wing Israelis or the DUP. He also didn’t talk to the zionist left, the SDLP – ie moderates/progressives who could be seen to be on his side.

  • NM

    Evert: “He also didn’t talk to the zionist left, the SDLP”.

    Indeed, but the point was that his spinners said “one needs, specifically, to speak to EXTREME folk, and make them ‘friends’, if you’re to get anywhere”.

    Ignore how ludicrously tendentious the notion that one nebbish backbencher might think of himself as being a roaming UN, and focus on the fact that he only befriended, had tea with and praised as social-justice pixies ONE set of extremists, again and again.

  • MB

    John, you may not be aware but there has been a new series of Naked & Afraid, in new XL size: more people, more days, more uncompromising misery. It’s only eight episodes, but at least it’s something to fill to void/dome.

  • Evert

    Nick: ahh I see. The main spin I was seeing from Corbynites was that it is essential to talk to *all* sides, my comment was largely informed by that.

  • Callan

    Please can next time’s Rum Doings have it’s topic and discussion sourced from the public so we can revel in a great democratic exercise of untapped insight.

  • Nick Mailer

    Good idea, Callan from Croydon! Ask your question about the kiddies or the hospitals or your benefits!

  • Zorganist

    Two questions about Nick’s no-hat regime:

    1) Where do toupeés fall in this system? Are they required by bald people, who must show their hair at all times, or are they banned as hats?

    2) Would not a better solution be to force all people to wear a full burqa at all times? Doing so would be a much better means of eliminating sexism and racism, by making it impossible to tell anybody’s race or sex.