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Rum Doings Episode 189: I’ve Lost My General Erection

by on May.08, 2015, under Rum Doings

In our 189th ever Rum Doings, our topic is, could it be time to label the fad of wearing a suit without a tie depraved?

And so, with heavy hearts, we dissect the madness of the last night, and make our predictions for the next five years. And try to find hope within.

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  • Evert

    I’m off to drown my sorrows, so I’ll be brief:

    1. I think John is deluded if he thinks the SNP are left wing. Their spending/policies on health, welfare and education speak for themselves.

    2. I enjoyed Nick casting Galloway as a Danny type figure, from “The Man Who Would Be King”

  • boaby

    that was great. i mean horrific, but fascinating. thanks!

  • IcyBee

    Thanks for doing this guys.
    Some random thoughts while listening…

    The Tories don’t need to change any boundaries – the “English votes for English issues” bill will effectively give them total control of England for the rest of time.

    The polls say the UK don’t want an exit from the EU? That’s it then – we’re out.

    “That boil will be lanced for a generation”. Just like the Scottish referendum lanced the independence boil?

    Scotland hasn’t “overwhelmingly voted SNP” – their share of the vote was 50.0%. Their 95% of seats is, however, overwhelming.

    The Tory Manifesto says that fox hunting repeal will be a free vote – so it might not get through with such a small majority.

    Norway you say? My nipples are exploding.

  • Callan

    [not rhetorical] How do I come to terms with a society on the brink of eradicating our universal networks? It seems like the argument may have been lost for good (for game theoretically we only need the current mandate and a tiny chorus of convinced ‘bean counters’* to encourage everyone towards the rationality of bean counting). Dejected doesn’t begin to cover how bad it feels.

    *In fact we have an ugly mass of hateful bean counters.

  • James B

    Hi Chaps. Still listening and thought I’d drop you a line or two to make you feel a little appreciated and perhaps lighten the tone of that sounds-like-a-post-election-liberal voice that you both put on when you invite questions or comments.

    I was a little angry about the cyclist thing last week. Then I realised the sophistication of John’s complaint: I can hardly complain as that makes it sound like I’m taking the cycling thing far too seriously.

    Oops, I did it anyway. Let me put it as pretentiously and self-righteously as I can muster: going out on my bike on Sunday means the same to me as perhaps going to church is for you, John. Unsurprisingly both are also rather more pleasant experiences without people shouting abuse and physically endangering you.

    Incidentally it does rather reinforce my view that John doesn’t really seem to “get” exercise. Nag him, Nick.

  • Google

    I don’t know if it was Nick saying this or the article, but the SNP did not get Cameron into number ten. If every seat in Scotland had voted Labour, we would still have had a Tory majority. The issue was Labour performing appallingly in England.

  • Google

    Serves me right for pausing to comment, it seems John already made my point.

  • Callan

    Having whined above, ostenible lefties marching against the outcome of a democratic election is perhaps indicative that we get quite what we deserve.

  • Evert

    Relistening to the podcast, I may have been a little harsh on John. (though I don’t see the SNP as progressive at all)

    On fox hunting I find myself terribly agnostic

  • Evert

    Also, John you are spot on that Galloway is clearly a monster. What I find amazing is that by the way he comports himself, he clearly thinks he is charming