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Rum Doings Episode 188: The National Erection

by on May.05, 2015, under Rum Doings

In our 188th ever Rum Doings, our topic is, how dare Prince William have named his baby anything other than Her Royal Diananess Diana The Princess Of Dianania?

Instead this is our bumper-length pre-election special! We break down the current polls, analyse the position of each of the parties, assess their policies and laugh at their pledges, before giving our predictions as to the outcome, and instructing you how to vote.

We’ll be back with another episode on Friday to look at the results, and either weep or cheer accordingly.

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7 Comments for this entry

  • Alec

    Canada’s Texas just elected a social-democratic majority. Your turn, Brits!

  • boaby

    The reason cyclists are precious is because they are soft and easily killable

    they might behave like morons, as do drivers, but the difference is your attitude can quite easily result in death.

    driving very close to “give them a scare” is common (on any road) and the reasoning is the same.

  • Frankie

    If anyone else wanted to hear the evidence that John turns into an evil, BNP-voting mysogynist while behind the wheel, it’s in episode 105.

  • scotchmi_st

    It’s worth mentioning that poll percentage is not the same as the number of seats. Based on most projections I’ve seen, the Lib Dems still hold around 25 seats, compared with UKIP who would be lucky to get one or two. It was wrong for you to dismiss the LIb Dems so easily- they may well form part of the next government.

  • Jams

    Listening to you reel off the list of fringe candidates in South Thanet really highlights how boring my list of candidates was: Labour, Tories, LibDems, SNP, UKIP, and Greens. Be more imaginative, East Lothian!

  • mister k

    And how depressing would it be if (as seems likely) a liberal democrat party that has lost half their vote and seats can still determine who has electoral power. I’m with John though, I think, given that the voters do what they tell the pollsters will, we’ll see a conservative party that can’t get a majority and a labour party who can, but doesn’t want one. So we’ll get another election after some tedious back and forth and certain papers being rather melodramatic. And after that election the conservatives will have a solid majority as they are the only ones who can afford to right another election.

  • Mark

    On the topic of Tories having been in the doldrums (44.30), they were never anything close to 10-12% in the late 90s. There was a Gallup poll in June 1999 putting them at 24, but it was never lower.