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Rum Doings Episode 181: Desperately Joining Vague Dots Together

by on Feb.24, 2015, under Rum Doings

In our 181st ever Rum Doings, our topic is, is it really fair to have all the excitement of the Oscars during London Fashion Week?

We begin with a live technical testing of the broadcast systems, as Nick attempts to break the podcast from the off. Then we move on to being a bit disappointed with Jack Straw, the perils of interviewing games developers, and the spectacular collapse of the Daily Telegraph.

We muse on hypocrisy, analyse the Telegraph’s remarkable editorial, and then regale John’s miserable experience of calling 111.

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5 Comments for this entry

  • Alec

    Even with a dead speaker, couldn’t John have set his phone to vibrate?

  • Zorganist

    I thoroughly enjoyed the coverage of Nick’s equipment checks and cat-related recording woes. I think it’s a great achievement of Rum Doings that the frequent mishaps and interruptions by wives/children/animals have become, in my mind, one of the podcast’s most desireable features. Keep up the shoddy work!

  • Evert

    Oborne’s disgust at the Telegraph getting the difference between deer-hunting and deer-stalking wrong is risible. As is his complaining about getting aristocratic titles wrong. But surely it is the job of the Telegraph to cater to people who do care?

    That said, thank you for the corrective to the hagiographies I am sick of reading about his integrity, probity and nonsense.

    (Finally) If the Telegraph doesn’t care what fellow media companies think, will it be handing back and refusing any future press awards?

  • Gassalasca

    I was sad to hear that Nick still hasn’t taught John to pronounce Schwartzenegger properly.

  • mister k

    The thing with the Molyeneux interview was that while I didn’t think the pathological liar line was terribly helpful, I actually read the rest of the interview, where you had a full conversation and pushed him where he needed to be pushed. A lot of commenters seemed to be very hung up on that initial line, as if you rang him up, asked him the question, then ran away chuckling.

    Ah, the joys of 111. I haven’t had too bad an experience with them, usually they’ve called back a bit faster than that, and I understand what they do, although there have been multiple times that they have asked me questions that I’m not sure how I’m meant to verify them, as my son is a baby and cannot communicate with me.

    The out of hours doctors have been uniformly lovely though, despite the often interminable waits to see them.