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Rum Doings Episode 179: I Love My Chattel Like I Love My Pot

by on Jan.22, 2015, under Rum Doings

In our 179th ever Rum Doings, our topic is, isn’t it about time we did something about that pesky Boko Haram?

We begin with cat leg news, then move on to some discussion about the peculiarities of the Sun’s page 3. (Recorded yesterday, before boobies reappeared this morning.) We mention the popularity of John’s willy, and Nick gives his argument in favour of objectification, before we drift our way to discussing the conclusion of Cabin Pressure.

John explains what he likes least about his 12 week old son, we ponder holidays to Yorkshire, and John’s teenage climbing habits, and then we conclude with information about Emanuel Swedenborg Day.

Don’t forget Thomas Aquinas Day has been cancelled, due to his having been a massive anti-Semite. So we’ve moved it to the 29th January, recognising Emanuel Swedenborg Day, master scientist turned loopy theologian. Please remember to book this day off work. Listen to this episode for more details.

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2 Comments for this entry

  • Alec

    The Missed in History podcast profiled Swedenborg and even included an interview with someone who was raised in the Swedenborgianism church.

  • James B

    Thanks chaps. Were you playing some sort of game where you tried to slip mispronunciations into the podcast this week?

    Interesting how close your views on -breasts- so closely echoed the views expressed on your favourite radio comedy show, the Now show, this week. Actually Brigstocke had a couple of decent lines that made it bearable this week.
    The wife treating you “like a quite friendly doctor who is perhaps nearing the end of his shift” was an equally fine line.

    Pondering if dropping in to Ikea for meatballs on Thursday is sufficiently amusing to justify the relatively short diversion. Do I get some sort of badge, honorary title, invitation to the next podcast or suchlike?