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by on Jan.06, 2015, under Rum Doings

In our 177th ever Rum Doings, our topic is, should there be a pink card in football for players who’ve done too many rapes?

What CLICK we CLICK talk CLICK about CLICK instead CLICK is oh dear. Nick messed up. Despite a pleasant enough start, discussing pedo royals, about five minutes in Nick’s recording goes crazy and starts clicking like a Geiger counter inside a nuclear bomb. If you can stand it, we go on to talk about late night chat shows, we close down all network TV and replace it with radio, and get an update on John’s baby. We point out that hoverboards are a stupid idea, how we need dinosaurs back to humble mankind, and the most importantly of all…


Book the day off now, as this is to be a new international holiday for all Rum Doings listeners, to give us something to look forward to when returning to work after Christmas!

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  • Ryan

    Sounds like this edition of Rum Doings was recorded inside a bunker while occasional anti-air gun bursts are being fired off into the sky. Careful boys.

  • TH

    Having been a RD listener since around episode 30, I have to say the “every celeb’s a pedo” content is getting more than a bit tedious. I recently done a marathon over the Christmas holidays from the then current episode (176) to 120 and I found that you mention this running gag, if it can be called that, almost every episode. Aren’t you yourselves getting bored of it now?

  • Mark

    Nick’s mic in particular doesn’t sound great, very crackly. Still, the quality of the discussion is fab so thanks guys!

  • Frankie

    Having spent the last week listening to home-taped radio, the clicking didn’t seem so bad. If I were Nick, I’d sarcastically tell John to check his privelege, but I’m not, so I won’t.
    And I’m fairly sure that Nick either started a sentence with “Laura” or “Look”. As the latter sounds a bit Clegg-esque, I would recommend that he admit to getting John and Laura confused.

  • Nick Mailer

    TH: Oh dear, now you’ve mandated we continue it ad infinitum. THANKS.

  • snickersnack

    It seems that at some point the corresponding running joke about cream tea has faded away. I will put my tokens in the bucket for that to be brought back.

  • Nils

    I’d try and erase my whole memory of the last 30 years if Shigeru Miyamoto turned out to be a fiddler. Even though I’m not a Nintendo kid and nowadays hardly play any video games. He’s like the japanese Jesus.. I’d be devastated.

  • Jams

    re: birds are dickheads

    I’m a bird nut, and I have learned that if you spend any time at all watching birds you’ll soon realise that all birds are dickheads. Fighting, raping, pecking other birds’ babies in the head, pecking their own babies in the head…

    In the great pantheon of dickhead birds crows/rooks/jackdaws et al are the most civilised, though still basically arseholes.

  • Evert

    I am totally onboard with celebrating Thomas Aquinas day. And given the events of the past week I’ll share my favourite quote of his (even if it is disputed that he actually said it):

    “I fear the man of only one book”

  • mister k

    “I fear the man of only one book”

    Ooh, there can be a bit on Thomas Aquinas day, for the kids, where someone dresses up as the “man of only one book”. He can dress up as a book, and hold a book, but he’s dressed as the book he’s holding. Ideally this should probably be Atlas Shrugged. Then he chases you round the room quoting passages from the book.