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Just… Odd

by on Dec.29, 2014, under General

So, a quick question.

Has the Sun really taken the photo of the Brit who was on board the missing Malaysian plane QZ8501, and massively photoshopped it? Tidied his earlobes, coloured his hair, and, well, whitened his skin? Because that would be… really bloody weird, right?

Or has the Mirror aged him? It’s really odd.

Mirror’s front page pic:

Sun’s front page pic:

Both seem to be reworked from the original from his LinkedIn page:

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  • boaby

    tbh i think it’s a case of different image tidying techniques (and some crappy lasso tool work) trying to deal with the artifacting on the original image. the sun one at least gives the impression of being a higher quality image. The mirror has committed the greater crime here, in being shitter at using photoshop.

  • Simon

    To me it just looks like a light levels adjustment, perfectly normal. I think the ear thing is just a bad cutout job. Looks like The Mirror grabbed a low quality image and tried to sharpen it to make it look better, harshing his facial features.