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Rum Doings Episode 175: The Mark Of Cain

by on Dec.01, 2014, under Rum Doings

In our 175th ever Rum Doings, our topic is, when will someone finally stand up for the good-old British cabbie?

Instead we talk about John’s becoming a daddy, and John’s going to a mental health nurse. We talk about anxiety disorder, then the truncated You & Yours. There’s ranting about the ridiculous nonsense of feeding programmes for two-day-old babies and enforced formula use, and then learn some homeopathic uses for arsenic.

John talks about the best and worst things about being a dad, and then some suggestions of videogames for little children to play.

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  • James Benson

    Nice to have you back although I’m a dad too so can’t comment on the relevance of the episode to non-spawners. I’m a slightly unreconstructed sort of chap who is rather inclined to the snap-out-of-it school of thought but full credit for the disarmingly honest account of John’s past few weeks. It may not be your cup of tea but personally I found that pulling my trainers on and getting out for a quick run around the local park was vital in keeping me on an even keel during those early sleep deprived months.

    I met that Rees-Mogg once. Unfortunately not in the back of my cab as this would tie in nicely with the topic. What an extraordinary braying arse of a man.

  • Tom

    The Book Barn? I used to live in Wells (thankfully I escaped) and it’s nice to know that it’s still going. Shame it’s not still the massive warehouse of cases upon cases upon cases of all the books for roughly £3 each. It was like L-Space in there.

  • NM

    “personally I found that pulling my trainers on and getting out for a quick run around the local park was vital in keeping me on an even keel during those early sleep deprived months”

    Very much so. This is far more powerful than any tablet or SSRI, and has been proven so. It’s just a shame John is so very terribly lazy :-/

  • RH

    Just something that struck me, is the babies name Toby?
    So carried away were you with the conversation you neglected to mention his name until around 24:15, I think.

  • mister k

    Congratulations on producing your own tiny person. I also have a baby, so cannot assess how interesting this is relative to other episodes.

    Radio 4 is often remarkably bad at their own core job. The other day I happened to catch the Archers in which they inexplicably did a visual joke. Similarly, on Feedback they had a member of the public who had complained about a new surround sound technology making his audio sound awful. He went to a studio and listened to clips with the technology. Then, for the audience at home, they played the clip. Without the technology. The host helpfully mentioned that this would sound brilliant if we could hear it. We then got to hear the irritated member of the public tell us how great the audio was that we couldn’t listen to.

  • RH

    Just heard the mention of my heaven-hi compilation. Please do put it in the next episode. ;)

  • Anon

    Good to hear someone talk out loud about anxiety/OCD – very helpful to this listener. Thanks