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Rum Doings Episode 170: What Are You Like With Liver?

by on Aug.22, 2014, under Rum Doings

In our 170th ever Rum Doings, our topic is, um, wait, we’ll get there… paint shades!

We discuss how wine tasting is finally proven a sham, John’s terrible aggressive shaving, evil cats, and a bit of Ferguson.

We rename the Mid-West, and decide America needs more sea. And we think how to get rid of the short.

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4 Comments for this entry

  • Jambe

    There may well be a massive earthquake centered near to where I live* in our lifetimes, sinking much of the Midwest below sea level**.

    * see New Madrid Seismic Zone
    ** earthquake probable, inundation less so

    It’ll be super-destructive whenever it happens because jack-all is specced to earthquake tolerance around here and much of our big infrastructure is from the 60s-70s and is pretty much falling down on its own already. Large expanses of non-fractured bedrock (as opposed to the hodgepodge geology west of the Rockies) mean it’ll spread far and wide, too, like the big ones from the 1800s.

    I’ve been thinking about earthquake early warning a lot since the recent Napa rumble, and how impossible it is to produce meaningful interstate infrastructure in America given our current political climate.

    Fuck the future, I guess.

  • Ben

    The “blue states by the sea” conjecture falls apart when you look at the red South, which is also by the sea. Or is that just the wrong sort of sea?

    Also, 2009 was apparently five years ago (although that can’t be right), so a belated happy fifth anniversary to Rum Doings!

  • IcyBee

    Interesting that you should start by talking about ISIS, then move on to cats – there are a lot of similarities.
    Both are on the internet a lot, conduct acts of horrific cruelty, are only answerable to themselves and both have legions of followers who love them dearly and would respond ferociously if you dared to even consider trying to sort out the problems they cause.

  • Wednesday

    In completely unrelated news, John, do you have a brother in Sweden? No so much the looks, but the voice.