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Rum Doings At Sea! Episode 165: I DAHN’T UNNERSTAN’ YER LINGO!

by on Jun.19, 2014, under Rum Doings

In our 165th ever Rum Doings, we’re back on the ocean waves! The topic is: why can’t kings just reign until they die, for goodness sake?

After three days at sea, Nick and John find themselves trapped on a floating town with the most awful population on Earth. We begin with a look through the HMS Sinksalot’s onboard programme, the Pitter Patter.

There’s discussion of the world’s most passive-aggressive magician, when John interviewed Douglas Adams, and incredibly, Nick’s phone rings in the middle of the sea. More dolphin chatter, and just a generally happy fun time!

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2 Comments for this entry

  • Jambe

    Ugh, your fellow boatgoers sound awful. A few years back I was in a local restaurant up in the thumb of Wisconsin while some lingering leafers were there. Several of the waitstaff had delightfully strong Yooper accents. Many of the travelers were incredibly rude, saying things such as “I can barely understand you” and “jeeze, can you repeat that?” in a hateful, accusatory tone. And repeatedly. I’ve never felt so strong a desire to bludgeon total strangers.

    OK, that’s a terrible lie; I regularly feel such disdain (ntm taxonomic shame by association). I should be a hermit.

  • Russ Hay

    Afternoon gents, I can now articulate what’s broken with your RSS feed implementation. The link in the body of the article goes to Jellycast – which works, but the link in the top RHS of your site is for – which hasn’t had any enclosures in the feed since approx Ep. 158

    So – you can either replace or fix the botherer feed. I’m happy – I’ve changed to the Jellycast feed and now have five or more episodes I can listen to!