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Rum Doings Episode 151: My Bottom Rather Argued That I Shouldn’t

by on Jan.24, 2014, under Rum Doings

In our 151st ever Rum Doings, our topic is: is there a God?

We discuss the news of the day, from two days ago, then Nick says something ill-informed about Tourettes. John the talks about the lying ways of grieving parents. We are the most sensitive of all podcasts. Then moaning about how old we are takes place.

Lucy’s spaying comes under scrutiny, and then we talk about the enormous silliness of King and their attempts to trademark the English language. (We make a mistake here (and by “we” we mean “John”) as King’s trademarks for words like “SWEET!” are for their particular bubble writing logos.) And then we stop.

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5 Comments for this entry

  • Robert

    Isn’t the way trademarks work that you can trademark anything you want and it’ll get accepted as long as you phrased the request correctly, and that the real test of whether it’s an acceptable trademark comes when someone else challanges it?
    So in the case of “candy” you could just use it in the name of something and stand your ground when they demand you change it.

    Looking at wikipedia there seems to be no difference between psychopathy and sociopathy, yet you in the podcast and Sherlock in Sherlock both use it as if there is a difference. What is that difference?

  • Evert

    Robert, there is no difference between sociopathy and psychopathy. IIRC the term ‘sociopathy’ is a little old fashioned and not currently used by psychologists.

    Similarly the prefix “high-functioning” is similarly useless.

    But, in regard to Sherlock, it is ridiculous to quibble. Holmes is clearly not a socio/psychopath. John’s observation in the previous podcast that Holmes’ social weirdness stems from his ability to greatly identify with and understand other people (but finding it more useful to be terse and direct) also belies the ‘sociopath’ diagnosis – and is totally spot on.

  • NM

    Evert: That’s not quite correct. The distinction between sociopathy and psychopathy is usually drawn with regard to the tendency to explicit criminality.

    And Holmes has clear sociopathic tendencies, his targeted empathetic abilities notwithstanding.

  • Robert

    Sherlock’s Holmes has more autistic traits than sociopathic ones I think. I am most definitely biased though, I’d much prefer him autistic than sociopathic.
    And frankly, nearly every tv/film hero has a lot of sociopathic tendencies, it’s just that in Sherlock they point it out.

  • Xercies

    I always thought that Psychopathic was not in control of your Id basically if you want the thing you will get that thing no matter what rules and society tells you. Sociopaths knew that rules and social constructs are there but they don’t really sway them so if they want to do something they will.