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Rum Doings Episode 147: An Emergency Broadcast

by on Nov.02, 2013, under Rum Doings

Steve Wright's currently publicity shot.

This is an alert from the Rum Doings emergency broadcast system.

Episode 147 of Rum Doings is a crisis late-night recording, after the occurrence of breaking events that could not wait for our irregularly unscheduled programme. While in a pet shop, John heard a brief moment of Steve Wright In The Afternoon on BBC Radio 2. What he heard was of such insignificance that immediate action had to be taken. The Rum Signal was shone onto the sky, and Team Rum assembled in the especially constructed emergency bunker, to ensure this insipid inanity couldn’t go unpunished.

And you can listen to Chris Morris’s Wayne Carr spoof of Steve Wright here.

Then we carried on. Singing into a fan, gargling, dental cheating, David Schneider’s tweets, and the wonderful Eddie Mair and PM.

Please do leave a comment below. I know it’s a pain, since you’ll likely not listen while staring at this page, but it makes us feel wanted.

PS. Other tracks from that Morris flexidisc were the incredible Pixies spoof, and a prank call to Piers Moron.

Steve Wright's actual face.

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14 Comments for this entry

  • Zorganist

    Time Commanders was an excellent programme and John is an idiot.

  • Neil de Carteret

    I liked the bit where John started singing in Welsh (29:03).

  • John Walker

    That’s Nick!

  • Alex

    1) That Pixies spoof was amazing.

    2) The Insectarium is cooler than the Biodome.

  • John

    This was an excellent emergency broadcast and the Eddie Mair love was delightful.

  • scalywg

    i still don’t know who all these people are but it’s better than tele

  • Ross Angus

    I quite like Liam Lynch’s Pixies pastiche:

  • IcyBee

    At the risk of making a fool of myself for a second podcast in a row…

    When Steve Wright reminded people to turn their lights on – perhaps he was thinking of the large proportion of his listeners who are driving cars. It can be easy to forget to switch your lights on when you’re driving on busy roads as darkness descends.

    As mentioned in the first comment, the Asimov story is “Nightfall” – once acclaimed as the best science fiction short story ever written. There’s an audio version here:

    Asimov himself preferred “The Last Question” – which can be read here: – this has nothing to do with the podcast – I just like referring it to people!

  • Tom

    It’s strange and sometimes quite sad to see how some celebrities conduct themselves on Twitter. I personally enjoy the Rum Doings approach to keeping the two of you relatable and grounded in our estimations by occasionally updating us on the state of John’s haemorrhoids.

  • scalywg

    could we have another emergency soon please?

  • Jack

    I’ve just spent thirty minutes failing to find a clip I saw on broadcast telly about fifteen years ago. Royal Observer Corps observers, or Fighter Command controllers, forwarding their observations on a raid – “There are one two three four five six seven eight aircraft at angels twenty over Hornchurch” or similar. Probably to avoid ambiguity over a poor-quality radio link.

  • Taylor

    This was a great episode, very funny.

  • Katat

    I’m not from the UK, and have never been exposed to Steve Wright before this. I don’t understand what I just heard. It reminded me of vacant stare of a goat.

    Thanks though, I was all grumpy about work when I started listening, and somehow hearing the concept of 12 being explained drained all emotion from me. Then hearing you guys recite cat facts replaced grumpiness with cheerfulness. I can’t explain why.