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Rum Doing Episode 146: A Limp And Cancerous Language

by on Oct.31, 2013, under Rum Doings

In the 146th episode of Rum Doings, we don’t discuss why people should take the wind more seriously. But we do talk about Russell Brand, because we were told to. And Garfield, castles and why the Welsh language should be dead. There’s a very brief TV review, leading us into a chat about Joss Whedon. Also, Nick is St. John the Baptist. There’s a star available for the best listeners, so listen out for that!

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12 Comments for this entry

  • scalywg

    who is lussell bland?
    ( i am not a lacist )

  • Taylor

    This was a really entertaining episode and it actually reminded me of the earlier ones.

  • SteveE

    Here are your classified results:

    Robert Webb 2 Russell Brand 1
    David Mitchell 3 Steve Coogan 0
    Brian Moore1 Louise Mensch 0

    I haven’t commented in ages but I think that’s because it feels like recent eps have been more about sharing anecdotes rather than discussing issues and sharing opinions that warrant challenging or supporting. A lack of comment certainly doesn’t reflect a lack of engagement, at least on my part.

    Oh yes, and promoted by your sitcom discussion and a recent rant I had on Twitter. What was the last really great proper comedy film? It feels like no one makes them any more. I’m hoping Anchorman 2 at least attempts to reverse that tend.

  • Ben

    Learning a second language doesn’t just help with talking to a foreign; you understand your own language better, and students taught a second language do better in school.

    While the Welsh ought to teach Chinese or Spanish instead of their “native tongue”, at least they are better at teaching languages than in England, where getting an A* in French means you have all the vocabulary of a 3-year-old.

  • IcyBee

    Erm – the Agent Coulson thing was explained in his first or second scene. His death was faked to inspire the heroes into action.

  • John Walker

    @IcyBee – the show has made great play of the fact that that’s a lie, and that Coulson doesn’t know the truth. I’m assuming he’s a clone, because that’s about the level of imagination the show seems capable of.

  • John Walker

    @Ben – Welsh is so departed from other European languages that I think teaching it at the detriment of another alive language is only further condemned by your point. Hell, Latin would be infinitely better to be taught, for mastering language itself.

  • Neil de Carteret

    Re: Whedon – I’m glad John remembered all the good things he’s done lately. You’ve averted the need for me to have some kind of nerd-huff. I agree that SHIELD is dissappointing, but it’s watchable – I’m certainly not finding it as hateful as you.

    Re: Brand – he’s so, so right that the current system fails people, and that it’s almost impossible to believe that voting has any effect. Where he fails is that he calls for revolution but can’t articulate exactly what he’d like. When pushed, says he wants other people to have the ideas. So what he’s actually done is write a Call For Papers. Huh.

    Here’s something you should discuss next week: do either of you write comment for podcasts or blogs you subscribe to? I hardly ever do. I suspect because by doing so, I feel like I am making myself a peon or a follower or a consumer or something. Which is ridiculous, and massively precious of me.

    Good show, eleven and half thumbs up out of twelve.

  • Neil de Carteret

    Where “as hateful as you” means “as you do”, not “as you are”. Also I switched person there, from third to second.

    So the other reason I don’t comment very often is that I obsessively re-read what I said once it’s too late to fix it.

  • Alex

    How crazy do the Welsh get with their labelling laws?

    Pastagate levels?

  • Gassalasca

    I got the reference, having recently listened to all the episodes of Mr Fry’s delectable radio show!

    Also, Nick, “coup de grĂ¢ce” has the sound /s/ at the end, which you omitted.

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