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Rum Doings Episode 138: Rum Doings At Sea! Part One

by on Jul.10, 2013, under Rum Doings

With commissioning editors worrying about future prospects for the Rum Doings franchise, and a necessity to maintain ratings, it was decided by producers that the mighty series should take to the high seas! So it is that the sitcom of our lives went on a cruise, in a wacky, hilarious collection of… no, that’s as much as I can muster. We went on a holiday together, and recorded a bunch of episodes throughout. This is the first of five slightly shorter editions.

In the 138th episode of Rum Doings, sat on the balcony of John and Laura’s cabin, Nick and John speak into the microphone of an Apple Macintosh laptop with the washing sound of the ocean in the background. So naturally our location dominates discussion for a good while. And promptly turn into pirates.

We ponder the potential of a post-apocalyptic world, complain about a crappy game of poker, and even in the middle of the sea Nick insists on bringing up videogames. Things then turn to John’s hatred of all humanity, and the mysteries of the horizon.

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    I would’ve guessed your data centre was at the top of a hill, so that all the bits you’ve been storing could roll away to their destinations, nice and quickly.