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Rum Doings Episode 136: Visceral Splodges

by on Jun.03, 2013, under Rum Doings

Heaven high. It’s episode 136 of Rum Doings, in which we don’t discuss why there are so many repeats. We begin by answering a few Facebook (eurgh) questions, and then settle into some lovely discussion of sun cream,
Nick’s desperation for John to get drunk, Judith’s ludicrously complicated songs, and a female Doctor Who.

There’s a painstaking review of the Chocolate Boutique Hotel, and the arrival of the monstrous noise of next door’s loft conversion. Then we encourage bigots to shoot themselves in the head.

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  • Evert

    My wife is hoping the next doctor is Paterson Joseph (a hope she has each time a doctor has retired).

    I do find it annoying that the Doctor is getting younger. Though that just reflects current mores (that said, I think Peter Davison was only slightly older than Matt Smith).

    I used to be dead against the idea of the Doctor being female. For some reason I could get on board with the idea of an alien that regenerates into younger iterations of itself, but not that he could change sex. Then I grew up.

    Now I’m just against idea because, like my wife, I hope Paterson Joseph is the next Doctor.

  • Hidden_7

    The thing I find amusing about all the Doctor fantasy casting is that it’s very likely to be someone fairly unknown, rather than a big name. You don’t really need a big name to anchor Who, because people will watch it anyway (it seems to have only grown in popularity, at least world wide, under Smith, who wasn’t really anybody before it), and because being the Doctor is what will make them big. Why pay big bucks for a name you don’t need?

    That being said, it’s really hard to do fantasy casting on people you’ve never heard of, so I get the inclination, but I still find it amusing. Far more interesting to me would be casting that focused on qualities or “types.”

    Personally I’d love to see a lady Doctor because I’m Canadian so it’s not like I’ve got any sort of long attachment to the character, we’ve had three men in a row now, time to shake things up, there’s not nearly enough female characters of that sort out there, and it would free them up to have a male companion, which would be an interesting reversal in its own right. (Yes, I know we’ve had male companions, but they’re always sorta secondary).

  • Evert

    Are you trying to tell me it won’t be Paterson Joseph?


  • Jams

    I’ve been walking around in a kind of daze for two days thinking of appropriate older actors and everywhere I go … planes, trains, restaurants, meetings … I find myself scribbling something down.

    Alan Dale for Who

  • IcyBee

    There must be so much good stuff on your boycott list that you’ve missed out on. I don’t understand that standpoint.

    Someone who reviews computer games for a living and who praised Game of Thrones last week has avoided A Clockwork Orange because he doesn’t like ultra violence? Are you nuts? Come up with a better justification for your intentional contrarianism.
    The violence in A Clockwork Orange is tame by modern standards, but has an impact because it’s more believable, and you see some of the consequences.

    Citizen Kane is good, but does drag on a bit. You need to view it with consideration of the era in which it was made. The “twist” doesn’t spoil anything – all it reveals it that “Rosebud” isn’t particularly relevant to the character, it’s just something he was reminded of when he looked at the snow globe. The film is about a whole life. And it has great special effects!