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Rum Doings Episode 135: Drunken, Fish-And-Chip-Eating, Haggis-Wearing Yobs

by on May.20, 2013, under Rum Doings

Heaven high. It’s episode 135 of Rum Doings, in which we don’t discuss all manner of things that we end up discussing anyway. Including the Conservative’s peculiar backpeddling on gay marriage, the current state of South Africa, and the new-found potency of the cold virus.

There’s some lovely chat about Ferage, and then a review of Eurovision. You can see the 2011 opening ceremony here:

We recall the majesty of Wogan’s Web, the dreariness of Doctor Who, and John’s potential new house.

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  • Alex

    I’d let you guys take Rob Ford, but his anti-LRT stance might run afoul of Nick’s Jews-on-time requirement. In all other respects, though, he’s the perfect conservative politician. Born to a rich and politically connected family, but unable to complete his university degree, Ford developed a disdain for both the elites and the poor. His brand of populism was the perfect fit for the suburban voters of a recently amalgamated Toronto- the only aspect of the city center they cared about were the roads they used on their daily commute. He campaigned simultaneously for a massively expensive subway line (because that leaves the roads unmolested) and a series of tax cuts.

    He seems proud of his ignorance but gets incredibly defensive when confronted with it: he once mailed lobbyists with a request for donations to his private sports charity, but was chastised for using his official office’s letterhead. Instead of acknowledging the problem, he doubled down. When the city’s integrity commissioner filed a report about his actions, he proclaimed that he had never read the city’s code of conduct, but that he still knew he was innocent. When the council voted to censure him, he participated in the vote and was nearly thrown out of office for the conflict of interest.

    Just look at that body language:

  • BreadBasket

    Was the Finnish song not satirical in intention insofar as it appeared to be making fun of the traditional modes of appearance and behaviour that a bride is expected to conform to? That seemed to me to far more likely be the case than the lyrics being sung with an entirely straight face.

  • IcyBee

    It’s possible that cold viruses are getting gradually stronger.
    But it’s probably more likely that your immune system is getting weaker.

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