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Rum Doings Episode 134: It’s All So Tawdry And Predictable

by on May.08, 2013, under Rum Doings

Heaven high. It’s episode 134 of Rum Doings, in which we don’t discuss whether it’s time for someone stood up for the rights of the white, hetrosexual male. But we do discuss John’s cold, and then a worrying return to cream teas. We explain why some people can’t be followed on Twitter, and then have a nice discussion about that nice boy, Justin Bieber. And John puts a hit out on Mark Kermode.

We announce plans to close down the Lake District, give away far too many personal details about ourselves, and predict our future leader, Prime Minister Wibblywob, leader of the Spoil Party. And once more we find ourselves upset by the ages of celebrities.

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5 Comments for this entry

  • Tom

    Monkey Dust had the misadventures of the first time cottager didn’t it? And the sketches of a kid visiting his dad that seemed equal parts depressing, amusing and somehow rang quite true in a very exaggerated manner? That was one of those shows that was on in near-constant DVD loop during my hazy early days of university, along with Jam, Spaced and Black Books.
    Does it take a cruise to get the two of you to record Rum Doings in the one place these days (though I have to admit I usually can’t tell whether you’ve Skyped it or not unless there’s obvious technical issues)? I seem to recall John previously having mocked Nick for going on a cruise holiday, writing it off as something for the elderly. Maybe you really are both 76. Embrace it, I say.

  • Alex

    You should add Mr. Bean and Allo Allo to your list of English shows that are always on PBS. I was a bit surprised to hear you rip on Keeping up Appearances without mentioning Fat Priest and her Dumb Blonde Assistant, though.

  • mister k

    Mark Kermode enjoyed Iron Man 3, in fact his review was reasonably spot on to my mind.

  • Soren Frederiksen

    Nicholas has said the world is headed towards a Mad Max-like state of affairs: scarce resources, anarchy, steel boomerangs, Mel Gibson.

    Given this belief, what is he doing to safeguard Judith’s future? Some would be filing forms, buying property and moving to New Zealand or Argentina, or something.

    (Oh, and where would one move in the event of Mel Gibson? Where is the safest place to weather this storm of yours?)

    Also, does Nick take Detroit as an example of things to come — the first sign of the rot? It’s fairly “Mad Max” (or “I Am Legend”) already, with third-world literacy and life-expectancy to boot.

    (Ditto questions for John, given his recent attempts at lady gardening.)

  • Hidden_7

    I’m curious, which countries do John & Nick have lined up to move to, in the case that changing political realities force them out of the UK? John mentioned he had his eye on one, and I can’t imagine that Nick hasn’t given this some thought.