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Rum Doings Episode 133: Her Ladygarden Drained Its Pond

by on Apr.30, 2013, under Rum Doings

Heaven high. It’s episode 133 of Rum Doings, in which we don’t discuss whether pensioners should donate their bus passes to charity. Instead we somnambulistically chatter about sleep, poo Braille, and periods. Then Nick begins a sizeable lecture on Bach. No, don’t be scared, it’s good. Here are the links you’ll need, if you have Spotify access. Compare this with this. And this with this. And here’s Chi-Chi Nwanoku.

We express our lifelong dismay that we never married cello players, John regales his anthropological journey into ITV, and we laugh in horror at UKIP. And then we explain in detail how everything is the fault of the immigrants, especially the one that is Nick.

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9 Comments for this entry

  • Gassalasca

    For those of us without Spotify, here are the Menuhin and Caprice versions on YouTube:

    ( Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, BWV 1048)

  • Dick Simulations

    I felt guilty for there being no comments so I decided to add one to tell you I added a comment.

    I hope we can put this behind us.

  • Alex

    Stephen Colbert’s performance at the 2006 White House Correspondents’ Dinner is the stuff of legend.

  • George

    That Bach lecture was very interesting, thank you Nick. I’ve come to the conclusion that I know just about nothing about classical music and opera – can you suggest a beginners’ guide to the essentials? Is such a thing even possible? I have absolutely no idea what I like, what’s considered good, I couldn’t distinguish between baroque and romantic if my life depended on it, nor could I tell you what those terms even meant. It’s a little embarrassing.

    Also, I listened to this whilst making chocolate chip cookies and the poo Braille bit left me suitably horrified/appalled. So good work.

  • George

    Also also, I’d kill to be able to automatically wake up after six hours of sleep. I’m at that annoying stage in my life where I can quite happily sleep for fourteen hours at a time, and feel awful if I get less than eight.

  • mister k

    My wife, being a talented violinist, has played at many concerts, almost all of which I have attended. I find that I simply do not have the ear for appreciating classical music, and have no acquired one purely by osmosis. I enjoy it, certainly, but it blends together to me, so that while I might remember bits and pieces I could not describe a particular movement to save my life. There are some things you appreciate better with people helping you, and I think classical music is one of these. Thats one of the reasons I enjoy Amadeus, is that it takes the time to allow the viewer to understand why Mozart’s music is so magnificant (while the wonderfully malignant main character does his best to make sure only he gets to appreciate it!)

    On UKIP, I of course agree that they are an awful fringe party with terrible opinions… but within parliament you can find Tory’s and indeed Labour MPs with similar opinions, and if you start looking at candidates, especially at people running for local elections, you’re definitely going to see some fruitcakes. UKIP has a worse problem because its naturally likely to attract ex-BNP members and the like.

    I just think its better to damn a party based on what the majority of its membership does, and the party’s behaviour towards that minority who do awful things (most of those extreme cases have been expelled).

  • Xercies

    I’m a bit depressed seeing the local elections votes, all the parties are terrible and don’t go for the views I want and I see terrible things in whatever party becomes leader next election.

  • Gary

    How can you hiss -racist ! whilst simultaneously expressing your dismay that the Boston bombers “were not white” ?

    self-loathing ?

  • mister k

    “How can you hiss -racist ! whilst simultaneously expressing your dismay that the Boston bombers “were not white” ?”

    Easily? The desire for the bombers to be white stems from the hysteria that comes from their being non-white. Its a reaction that effectively decries the racist reaction of society. A white terrorist makes people worry about fixing society, a non-white terrorist is just an enemy, and makes people worry about fixing the world (because all non-white people come from elsewhere). Obviously thats all a bit simplistic and possibly unfair, but its not necessarily racist.