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Rum Doings Episode 130: Smug Pedantry

by on Mar.22, 2013, under Rum Doings

Heaven high, listeners. It’s episode 129 of Rum Doings, in which we don’t discuss whatever happened to the dinosaurs. Instead we talk about how John is the most hated man in the world, Nick’s experiences at a comedy gig, and John is finally brought back down to Earth from his delusional celebrity.

We then play “Guess The Newspaper From The Headline”, the game that’s sweeping the nation, Nick explains why the SNP won’t win, and then there are more lessons in healthy eating from our nutritionist guru. Learn how Nick’s daughter turned into a guinea pig, the murderous ways of Ricarda Bigjoan, and some slightly more introspective discussion of the nature of bullying of trans* people. And bad laughers.

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  • Bdreadlog

    Phew! Just in time! I was getting the shakes.

  • Alec

    The plutonium thing Nick mentioned was nicknamed the ‘demon core.’ In *two* separate incidents, a neutron reflector was brought too close to the pile, setting off a lethal blast of x and gamma rays.

    Only one person died the first time, but when they changed the rules to make sure that nobody could work on the core alone, it just meant that there were more people to be poisoned if something went wrong again. And they were. The guy fiddling with the core died in a little over a week, one person absorbed enough radiation to get all sorts of degenerative illnesses, and a few others died of radiation-related cancers.

  • Mitchell

    Why are you such a fucking idiot, stop ruining the internet by posting your bullshit.

  • Disagreeable Me

    Been listening to this podcast for a while now. Am I a very silly man if I got a big kick out of hearing you mention my “Shockingly Pleasant” iTunes review?

  • SteveE

    Whilst you are of course right that there is no direct causal relationship between Littlejohn’s article and Lucy Meadows suicide, I don’t think drawing an analogy to videogames/violence is helpful or appropriate. Surely there is a significant difference between a targeted personal attack and an indiscriminate polluting of the well. If a videogames was specifically designed to push a vulnerable person’s buttons, that would certainly warrant some degree of censure.

  • Sam

    Nick – would you mind writing your ‘prescription’ for the particular type of Vitamin D and magnesium you mention? Also, where do you buy from online? Thanks.

  • Nick Mailer

    You can get a year’s worth of vitamin D from here for about 1t quid.

    This is 5000ui, which is more than some of the cheaper tablets. But don’t be scared: bearing in mind that 20 minutes in the sun produces at least 25,000ui, this is a safe dose!

    Then there’s the magnesium. Magnesium citrate is usually ok, but if you want very well absorbed magnesium, this slightly more expensive option is best:

    It’s still not exactly bank-breaking: 240 tablets for 18 quid.

  • Sam

    Excellent, thanks. It sounds like 20 minutes in the sun everyday is the cheapest (best?) option, but not always achievable in these parts.

  • Nick Mailer

    Sam: yes, you’re correct. But this island doesn’t really allow this. Careful use of a modern sunbed for 20 minutes a day would achieve the same, I guess.

  • Bdreadlog

    Just to add to The Demon Core (caps totally necessary) chat. I read a story that (in the event where several people died) the one who accidentally caused the radiation burst realised straight away what had happened and that they would all be dead very soon. Making science his first priority, he had everyone stay where they were and chalked circles around where they were standing at the time so they could work out how radiation affected people at different distances. I don’t know if it’s true, but I hope so.