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Rum Doings 2012 Christmas Special!

by on Dec.21, 2012, under Rum Doings

It’s the Rum Doings Christmas Special! A double-length episode to see you through into the new year, with John sounding like he’s in another room – turns out the new mic isn’t multi-directional. We’ll return to Mr Droopy in 2013.

What do we discuss? I’m not going to tell you! (Although I’ll warn there’s rather a lot of penis talk.) You’re the sort who rattles and sniffs your presents, aren’t you? Well you’ll have to just unwrap it.

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8 Comments for this entry

  • Evert

    The funny tv willy rule is the “Mull of Kintyre” rule.

    Also, snow is brilliant

  • Gassalasca

    A wonderful episode. The length, the content, the Crimble spirit.

    P.S. Oh, and I hereby remind Nicholas of our little wager.

  • Jim Huxter (Jimangi)

    You read not one but two of my tweets! I can die happy.
    You should ask more of us more often. Audience participation is great.

  • Zorganist

    I find it reassuring that John thinks it completely normal for him and Nick to serenade each other with Christmas-themed pop songs even when not recording a podcast.

  • NM

    Zorganist: I usually test levels and that the system is actually recording before starting, usually via a little song or bit of nonsense. John’s ad lib this time amused, so the leader-tape outcut – so to speak – remained in.

  • Ryan H


    This one has a lot of repeated topics.

  • Jambe

    Having tried it both ways, I prefer JD Tennessee Honey at about 40 F (4-5 C) as opposed to room temperature. Feels thicker and more unctuous in the mouth and the chill takes some of the bite out of it, not that I found it particularly harsh (I thought one of its strong points was its tameness, actually). I do agree that it seems more of a honey liqueur with a splash of Jack in it than a honey-flavored whiskey, but whatever, it’s delicious.

    Also, having lived in places where 2+ foot snowstorms were regular winter occurrences, I must say… snow is great. What you don’t want is an ice storm (although it’s eerily beautiful afterward). Actually, as I look outside the window in southern Indiana, it’s lightly snowing at the moment. Schmucks down here can’t drive in it at all and they’re a bit scary (“oo, I think I’ll do 80% of the speed limit on a snow covered road because I have FOUR WHEEL DRIVE, hur-dee-dur”), but otherwise, it’s a lovely thing.

    Nice episode again. Thanks!

  • Sam

    It was nice to hear you in the same room as each other in a relaxed and jovial mood.

    The only naff part was the job status ‘willy waving’. This section felt a bit gauche, when many feel lucky to have a job at all and are taking de facto paycuts.

    Sorry if this seems a little po faced, but it’s possibly the only time, in 4 years or whatever, that you’ve annoyed me.

    Still, on the whole I very much enjoy the podcast and hope you have the energy to keep it up, and avoid Skype as much as possible.