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Rum Doings Episode 120: The Daddy Radio

by on Oct.18, 2012, under Rum Doings

It’s Rum Doings Episode 120! They didn’t say it couldn’t be done, because they didn’t care. To celebrate this monumental milestone, we don’t shut up for ages. In a bumper-length episode we talk our usual rubbish for 85 non-stop minutes.

Swigging on Japanese rum, with accompanying lame racism, we turn to the esteemed journal, The Practising Midwife. Here we learn how witchcraft is used by midwifes to save babies. We figure out the mistake all previous prime ministers have made when firing their shamed ministers, and then naturally move on to comics. That takes us to why we didn’t enjoy Lord Of The Rings, and eventually the feminism of Arnie and Stallone. Which then means we insist you watch The Villain.

At the start of the second half we ponder Timmy Mallett, and find ourselves discussing Saturday morning television. Including John’s appearance thereon. Then some magic. And then some reminiscing about when we didn’t hate DVDs. As we exceed our second time limit, we find our way to the old familiar of radio comedy, and attempts to sell off Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

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12 Comments for this entry

  • Ryan H

    While I disagree with your opinions regarding LoTR, I think this was one of the best episodes of Rum Doings in a long time, very funny and long, well done!

  • Tom

    Had to take a moment from playing XCOM and listening to Rum Doings to say that I had a video of The Villain taped off the telly, only it was called “Cactus Jack”. I think that must be the name of the UK release if anyone is trying to track it down.
    I also had Hercules In New York taped off the telly. It was a bit crap though.

  • Oaken

    Great episode, guys, reminded me of the very early episodes.

  • Gassalasca

    Wonderful episode, proper length, exquisite content, and you even managed to squeeze in the traditional John-telling-the-same-story-for-at-least-the-second-time.

    My only complaint would be John’s gross mispronounciation of “Swarzenegger”, and Nick’s lack of much-needed corrective.

  • Xercies

    I agree with you on Lord Of The Rings it was one of the most turgid and horribly to detailed book i’ve ever read and one of the reasons why i like the film is that they take that away using cinema.

  • Jambe

    Was there a topic on this episode? Is Rum Doings really Rum Doings without a topic to ignore?

    … a great episode nonetheless.

  • Jambe

    I just listened to the beginning again to check; sure enough, Nick snuck the topic in and it was totally disregarded in proper form.

    Ontological enormity avoided; Rum Doings it was.

  • Alex

    The first comic I ever bought was Watchmen, so I got to feel super smart about all tropes being deconstructed, even if I hadn’t been aware of their existence.

  • Evert

    Flowers for Algernon is a brilliant book.

    I read it when I was about sixteen and tried to get my girlfriend (now wife) to read it in uni under similar circumstances to you (I don’t recall if she did read it or if I compromised on watching “Charly”). I haven’t dared read it it again. It has been just over a decade and the impact of the last 50 pages and especially the very last line are literally making me tear up.

    Despite the fact that I have only read it once, it is also the book I recommend people when they ask me for a book to read. I might try to force it on my wife again how that she has a kindle and positively devouring books at the moment.

    I also recall enjoying Behold The Man, but other than “slutty Mary” and the general plot points I don’t recall an aweful lot about it. I still have it on my bookshelf so might read it again, it is only a very slight story.

    Thank you for the podcast, I actually downloaded over mobile internet at work for the walk home – but was slightly disappointed/annoyed when my wife turned up to give me a lift home because she happened to be in the area.

  • devlocke

    You can skip all of the preceding mandatory crap on PC, just not on your DVD player. I would be kind of surprised if there weren’t some cheap direct-from-China DVD players that let you skip them as well, if you have to watch your DVDs on your TV. Though you don’t, since, y’know, you only brought home all of those Region 1 DVDs because you could watch them on your PC. :)

    Also, I don’t think Americans use that phrasing re: time John mentioned early on; I’ve never heard anyone born in the US use that construction. Maybe it’s a regional thing that never hit the Southeast?

    Backtracking a bit, VHS tapes are fantastic. Nick hated on them like a year or two ago, and I never got around to commenting on that. There’s something so delightful about analog tape storage. I can’t think of any other medium of media that is remotely as indestructible. DVDs that get scratched in the wrong place just don’t work. VHS tapes – or audio cassette tapes – never actually get unplayable, unless they’re exposed to magnets which generally just never happens. It’s so cool that if you play the thing ’till it breaks, you just scotch-tape it back together and there’s just a fuzzy bit. Everything’s fine! I love that.

    Also, thanks for mentioning the radio show. I am continuing to love re-experiencing the past every month. Next Monday night, we’ll be playing episode 30! :)

  • Kev

    John’s last words on that podcast was a little too close to my ear and gave me strange feelings in my pants

  • Scalywg

    “feminist arnie and sly”
    if my phone would do it I would have it as a ring tone – I cacked myself.
    Smashing episode.
    ps the only good tolkien was Nicol Williamson’s reading of the Hobbit – a sublime peice of story telling.