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Rum Doings Episode 115: You May Be Married To The Famous Pant Fairy

by on Aug.28, 2012, under Rum Doings, The Rest

Episode 115 of Rum Doings is a very, very late episode, recorded while the Olympics were still on. Nick then took a week to send his files to John, then John took a week to put them online. We are both rubbish, and we apologise. But fortunately, it’s a top-notch episode, despite being recorded on Skype with the line dropping very near the end. No, really, it’s still good!

Highlights include the renaming of John’s wife, the discovery of the Kitchen Fairy, and Nick lying about visiting Bath. We watch sunsets on Mars, John has actually been running, and we express our surprise at just how good the Olympics were.

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18 Comments for this entry

  • Zorganist

    After the long wait that was a little dissapointing. I want to hear what Nick has to say about the boxes and rings and stuff!

  • Jens Aggergren

    Yay, new podcast! I think there’s been some kind of technical glitch though, because the podcast ends rather abruptly, right in the middle of Nick humorous remarks on Olympic disciplines involving boxes and rings and stuff!

    Anyway, thanks for doing these. Delightful stuff.

  • JAM

    I don’t think the podcast has uploaded correctly, it ends abruptly after 28 minutes and 54 seconds. .

  • Nick Mailer

    Indeed. John is fixing this now and will re-upload and let everyone know via twitter

  • Xercies

    Rythemic Gynmastics was also quite good i was like that must be just sillyness and I just spent a whole hour just amazed at all these people able to do all these amazing things with hoops and balls and i was actually quite cross with past me and other people who said it shouldn’t be an olympic sprt.

  • Alex

    I know you guys like to pride yourselves on the uninterrupted nature of your podcasts, but I hope John throws some intermission music in at the point where the podcast originally died.

  • geetoo

    John, I hate to break it to you, but the high diving board at the guildford pool is only FIVE metres! There is a one metre and three metre springboard and a five metre platform, but no ten metre platform. Imagine your dive now, and double the height!

  • John Walker

    The Guildford pool was knocked down about twenty years ago. But it may have been the case.

  • mister k

    After being inspired for Nick I tried running last year for about two months… and didn’t improve much at all. I was asthmatic when younger, which is a reason why I hated such activities, and I couldn’t manage it this time either. That said, weight lifting did work for me.

  • Geetoo

    I am sad enough that I found an article on diving pools dying out in the UK. It mentioned the old Guildford pool. It was five metres as is the new one. You aren’t allowed to use ten metre boards in the UK if you are young and inexperienced. Ten metres really is frighteningly high.

  • Nick Mailer

    mister k: You could manage it. You just started too fast too quickly.

  • Nick Mailer

    (I’d be prepared to bet you money that if you did it properly, you’d be fine after a few weeks)

  • mister k

    Hmph. My main issue was, early on I put my back out for several days by running wrong. I’m not sure I want to do exercise that causes me to be in severe pain for several days if I do it a bit wrong…

  • Nick Mailer

    Barefoot shoes pretty much ensure you can’t do it wrong. You feet won’t let you.

    Seriously: read Born to Run. You’ll love it.

  • Entropy

    Where is that bit on the Guardian anyway?

  • scotchmi_st

    Nick: on the subject of scarcity/abundance, have you read the following article? I think it makes some pretty good points, although I’d be interested on your take on it. (Personally, I’m super-bored of the post apocalypse, as a cultural metaphor.)

    Also, don’t you think you’re a little close to breaking your own rule about predicting the end of the world within your own lifetime?

  • NickR

    It’s like you guys have never heard of terms of endearments.

  • mister k

    You are persistent. Well, currently I have a pretty long walk to and from walk, and not much time in the evenings, but I’m learning to drive, and will need some exercise if I give up daily walks. Perhaps I’ll give it one more shot..