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Rum Doings Episode 111: Big Bird Is A Mammal

by on Jun.29, 2012, under Rum Doings, The Rest

Bum dum Rum Doings episode 111! Back in our echo chamber, at the bottom of a giant well made of metal, we try to read out an email but then get distracted by everything. Nick apparently wants to “fix” Laura, and then John gets angry with a man. We dismiss the BMI, tell Money Supermarket to go away, and then finally read the email. About someone setting their house on fire because of Rum Doings. A bit.

It gets boring for a while, then we talk about how people are precious over dead bodies, and why John wants to be eaten by sharks. Did you know that baby cells live inside mummies? Probably if you listen to Radio Lab. But we talk about it inexpertly with some of the facts wrong. It turns out Nick’s daughter gets violent when her grammar is corrected, giraffes are tall, and Microsoft doesn’t have a brain in its tail.

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5 Comments for this entry

  • Entropy

    Maybe Judith wanted you to be an entire people, swimming underwater.

  • MrTwitchy

    When crazy Dr Gunther “plastinates” people, he basically puts the thing to be plastinated inside a tough plastic sack and vacuums out all the air and then all the liquids then slowly injects liquid polymer which gets drawn into the flesh by the vacuum somehow. Then he just waits for it to set.

  • Alex

    I agree when it comes to reverence of corpses. When my grandfather died, it took a lot of effort to convince the funeral home to use a cheap pine coffin and for his ashes to be handed over in a cardboard tube. We weren’t going to be keeping them in our houses, so why did it matter?

  • Jambe

    More TOP NOTCH entertainment. I give it two of two thumbs, but no Raised Pinky of Delight because of the distinct lack of hydroxyethane.

    Now I have the mental image of a toothpick pyre topped with a few locks of hair and a pile of clipped nails. That actually seems a plausible crazy-ass religious behavior — the ceremonial burning of hair and nails on tiny pyres of wood shavings or twigs. Because the Earth Goddess thus commanded, of course.

    New York sucks. The whole eastern seabord conurbation is terrible. Boston is the least-insufferable city in the region but you might as well go to Maine or Vermont which are much nicer (and prettier).

    The wiki article on plastination is neat.

  • devlocke

    You guys are killing me with your lack of updates. I had to wash my dishes without listening to you, this week. Washing dishes while listening to Rum Doings is a TRADITION, darn it!