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Rum Doings Episode 100 Excitement Bonanza!

by on Mar.30, 2012, under Rum Doings, The Rest

Before we get onto business, we’d like to ask people straight away to make the effort to leave a review on iTunes. We hate iTunes as much as any other sentient individual, but reviews on there are what get podcasts promoted, and we’d love some promotion. After 100 free episodes, we’d love you to pay us back by writing a quick review. There are 10,000 people listening to this – come on, action.

The other thing to note is that for some reason Audacity decided to go all choppy about 20 mins in. It lasts a minute or two, then gets better.

In the Rum Doings episode 100 spectacular, we don’t discuss the fact that it’s the 100th episode. So instead we talk about what we’ve been up to for the last few weeks, including John’s stories of being in America, and indeed the Lake District.

For some reason that we aren’t going to mention, we have all manner of rum goodies in the episode, including a rum sponge cake from Nick’s wife Victoria, gingerbread rum from Nick’s brother, and rum butter from the wilds of Windermere.

With our faces stuffed we rank American cities in order of bestness, argue about breakfast, and explain how John fell down the stairs. And how he broke the hotel. And then we’re back in England, where the sausages are apparently boiled. There are some very serious concerns about the North West’s cream tea provisions, and their parking prices.

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12 Comments for this entry

  • drewski

    I’d review it if I had iTunes. But Apple are evil, so.

  • Alex

    I’d hate iTunes even if it had nothing to do with Apple, so my unhelpfulness is even more credible than yours, drewski.

    Glad to have you guys back. After John showed up in the Shotcast, I feared that he wouldn’t be settings aside as much time for Rum Doings (the Shotcast is fun, but for whatever reason, I always have a heard time deciphering Kieron’s accent).

  • Mike

    I’d quite like to boil a sausage to find out just how terrible it is. Might pop one in the kettle later.

    Also, I would like to become sentient. Why is itunes so bad? I mean it’s not great but…

  • Daniel Rivas

    I’ve never understood the hatred for iTunes either. It functions.

    It’s better than Rhythmbox.

  • Void

    I would write a review for Rum Doings, but I feel like it’d be too abstract in its description and analysis.
    Still, I may find my thoughts on this wonderful peice of podcastery written down some day.


  • snacks

    I don’t like or use iTunes because it is slow and bloated and automatically shows me a bunch of crap in which I am not interested. I have no brain for writing reviews, but I started up iTunes, tolerated being shown Justin Bieber and a bunch of other garish popular things, searched for Rum Doings, and left a 5 star rating. I hope this helps. But…this question begs to be asked: why do you want more hateful, lazy audient? Isn’t your existing audient hateful and lazy enough for you? What does New Listener have that Current Listener doesn’t have? *pout*

    (Happy Thing That Shall Not Be Discussed, by the way!)

  • Hurty Leg

    I suspect that I abstain from writing positive comments about Rum Doings for the same reason others must do; the innate fear of Rum Doings becoming uncomfortably popular. Perhaps it’s better to preserve the show in its unspoilt state. It is a fragile thing, and I can’t understand why you’d want more promotion anyway. Isn’t having 10,000 listeners enough? I hope that Rum Doings sees it through to episode 200 and beyond. It doesn’t need a million downloads to succeed, it just needs you and Nick in a room with a droopy mic. All the best.

  • mister k

    Unmentioned congratulations! I enjoyed the skippy bit in the middle, it was sort of surreal and amusing.

  • Jams O'Donnell

    Minneapolis is also a nice city for just kind of hanging out in. It is small and friendly.

  • Alex

    Rum Doings: Don’t call it ‘poisson.’ Call it ‘chicken of the sea.’

  • Evert

    Congrats on 100 episodes!

  • devlocke

    Jam and jelly are two different things! In the U.S., anyway. Jam is akin to ‘preserves’ and tends to be closer to actual fruit. Jelly is kind of like jello that doesn’t jiggle and has a much stronger flavor.