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Rum Doings 99C: No Funny Subtitle

by on Feb.24, 2012, under Rum Doings, The Rest

In episode 99C of Rum Doings we don’t even have time to tell you what happened, so quickly have we recorded it and uploaded. Find out for yourself by listening! But we do mention the Muppets, and swearing, and Nick goes on about something or other.

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  • Zorganist

    Gul Dukat was a Cardassian and one of the main antagonists on Deep Space Nine, and there were a few that cropped up as enemies in TNG- I think it was a Gul Madred who tortued Picard that one time.

  • Jambe

    That’s Shedd Aquarium.

  • Gassalasca

    Blood of our lady is such an obvious piece of folk etymology, or as Nick put it, retconning.

    See here:

  • Xercies

    I loved The Muppet movie it was probably one of those perfectly formed movies with enough silliness and heart to go away with a warm feeling. And I know it was written by one of them but I was surprised how similar the songs were to Flight Of The Conchords stuff, the singing and the music.

    I don’t know I think there is a lot of sexism and homophobia, and maybe a little racism in gamers. Even though the average gamer is supposed to be 20 and over it does feel like a lot of them are high schoolers.

  • mister k

    Every time someone is awful on the internet, even in relatively large numbers, I try not to be too surprised. The numbers attacking this lady were, I should think, less than the number of rapists in the world. Or murderers. So if I can handle that many rapists/murderers existing, I can handle that many people thinking incredibly stupid things. I’d like to get rid of both, of course, and this isn’t a call not to change gaming culture, but a call for perspective. The internet makes minority voices very loud, for good and for evil.

  • SpinalJack

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4’s Kanji character is gay or has gay subconscious character when you explore that part of the game. The whole game explores cross-dressing, gender and sexuality without it being jokey like typical Japanese gay characters (like Hard Gay)

    I also remember an FPS (maybe halflife?) mod where it turned out the main character was gay and was rescuing another male character which caused lots of expected internet rage about “forcing” you to play a gay character without letting you know right up until the end.

    Rain from Fear Effect 2. Retro Helix for the Sony Playstation was a lesbian character although clearly with a male audience in mind Rain and Hana were probably the most famous lesbian couple in a game at the time.

    But yeah I can’t think of any mainstream, non-RPG games that has the main character be a male homosexual..

    I laughed a little bit at the dragon age commentors who thought a male NPC hitting on a male player was a bug.. then I despaired at humanity

  • George

    Brave New World is all right. I much preferred it to 1984, which I found almost insufferable. Neither holds a candle to We (Yevgeny Zamyatin, 1921) though.

    I don’t email in partly because I fear that I would just be opening myself up to mockery (any grammatical or typographical errors would surely not go unpunished), and partly because I don’t really have anything to say that couldn’t be said in a comment here.

  • Alex

    Although people often see Dukat as a Space Hitler, I think he’s more like a Space Gaddafi.

  • James Campbell

    Nick said “very unique” in this episode. D:

  • Nick Mailer

    What time within the podcast?

  • James Campbell

    21 minutes in.

  • sinister agent

    Oh great, now Nick will have to disembowel himself. Nice going. Where are they going to find another Nick at this time of year? They won’t be ripe for months.

  • James Campbell

    Nick has quite rightly got nothing to say for himself but at least he hasn’t tried to defend himself like a certain RPS contributor who claimed that “quite unique” was an acceptable thing to write.


  • Nick Mailer

    Very actually means “truly” – it comes from the same Latin root as verity and so on. Thus, “truly unique” is an acceptable usage, but if one interprets very as a modifier of degree, then it is not. The argument that unique cannot be modified also comes from etymology (uni=one/solo). Thus, if you are strict about the definition of “unique”, you have to be similarly strict in allowing “very” to modify it ;-)

  • Neil de Carteret

    Masterful. Have you considered a career in theodicy? ;¬)

  • James Campbell

    Truly disgusting.

  • Nick Mailer

    Didn’t you mean very disgusting ;-)

  • mrstrellis

    Gul is a rank in the Cardassian military. It’s Turkish.

  • mrstrellis

    It’s all true about the washing up by the way. He’s like Don Draper.