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Rum Doings Episode 99B: A Replication Of My Own Winky

by on Feb.17, 2012, under Rum Doings, The Rest

Rum Doings 99B doesn’t discuss whether a cat or a dog is better, but begins with SCIENCE, as Nick engages in a blind test to see if he can identify the difference between bad tea and decaffeinated tea. We recognise that podcasts are marvellous, ponder if it would have been so bad if SOPA had won, and ask whether there’s a way to find out what words mean.

Which fish is the biggest nob? Why might we not move to America? Was Nick looking forward to FOSDEM because he’d obviously already been. Do we want 3D printers? That’s a question you obviously can’t ask without inevitably talking about making a dildo in the shape of your own penis. Top Chef vs Masterchef: the ultimate battle. Which race does Nick like the least? And John reveals a horrible prejudice. Another one. And we talk a bit about how Rum Doings isn’t copyrighted in any stupid way – see the link at the bottom of this blog for the copyleft license it’s under.

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13 Comments for this entry

  • jonathan

    Why make a 3D print of your penis? The material probably wouldn’t be terribly comfortable, and it’s also potentially unsafe. Besides, surely you’d need a 3D scanner to make the model you print from.

    In short,

    (apologies if this has been addressed in the podcast. I have no listening devices to play it with today)

  • James Campbell

    Surely the fish that is most discriminated against by racist fish is the Jewfish.

    (I hope that wasn’t racist; I’m never sure.)

  • George

    As far as fish that are jerks go, surely it’s got to be the one that’s rumoured to swim up your winkie before expanding and lodging itself in place. Oh, it’s got spikes as well.
    Excellent podcast, as ever. Is the live show idea going anywhere? I’d definitely come to Bath/London to see a recording (provided it’s at the weekend).

  • mrstrellis

    The Candiru? It’s an urban myth. There have been no reliably documented cases.

  • Nick Mailer

    In the UK an osteopath is a quack. In the US the position is less clear in that thy must have a medical degree. Here not so much. Go see a physiotherapist.

  • Jambe

    Chipping Sodbury!

    Oh, god, I laughed out loud at that and people around me looked quizzically.


    Chipping Sodbury.

    I think I’m going to say that as an oath from time to time.

  • mister k

    Fresh Meat is a comedy about university freshers, by the writers of the peep show. Its rather good.

    I judge people to be moody from their expressions, which might be unfair- they might be having a really bad week.

  • Xercies

    Well hopefully Fresh Meat is like the first 3 seasons of Peep Show and not the last 3 which was clearly following a mentally ill character. I watched the first episode of Fresh Meat and didnt find it that funny but might try again.

    Hmm i tried to make cheesecake and it never came out like the ones you get in resturants. Would be intersted if you have the recipe of the cheesecake you made John.

  • sinister agent

    I found Fresh Meat very disappointing. Lots of obvious clich├ęs and boring stock characters. It just felt very safe, spineless, and painfully middle class. It’s not terrible or particularly unfunny, but it just generally irks me. Still, at least it’s not the embarassing fantasist garbage that Skins was.

    I too would enjoy a cheesecake recipe. I’ve never been able to get it right – it tends to end up a little runny and/or too sharp in flavour. I still stuff it in my craw by the fistful though, natch.

  • Jambe

    Clearly the best cheesecake recipes are those in which the cake is 1/3 or more crust.

    Actually it could just be all crust. Crustcake.

    Crustcake and frozen custard. Yes.

  • George

    Jambe – so, a custard tart?

  • mister k

    Well yes, Fresh Meat is very middle class. I’m not sure I’d agree with the stock characters thing- certainly the “leads” are a bit dull, but I think theres more depth there than you give credit. Eh. Its better than big bang theory anyway, on my metric of how much rum doings commenters disagree with me. I guess I was pleased because I went in expecting the cringing that Peep Show always gave me and found something a lot more friendly.

  • LeGrange

    Off topic I know but I was curious if Nick, as someone who works in the tech industry, would comment briefly on the viability of changing careers to become a software developer. I’ve been teaching myself Java and enjoy the sense of achievement I get from coding simple Android apps and slowly building my knowledge of object-orientated programming. I would love to delve further into coding and pursue it as a career but sadly studying for a second degree in Computer Science seems prohibitively expensive, even through the Open University. Also there appears to be a great deal of pessimism in the development profession about employment prospects in the UK due to coding jobs being carried out offshore. Apologies if this question is not relevant to Nick, or anyone else reading it.