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Rum Doings Episode 92: Some Parental Relaxation

by on Dec.08, 2011, under Rum Doings, The Rest

Episode 92 of Rum Doings is the last one before the new year, because Nick’s about to have his neck slit open by trained professionals. Please wish him well via the magic of Twitter.

We don’t discuss what to do now Europe is over, but we do delve deeply into the wonderful world of aural hypnosis, and parental relaxation. We learn how PCs don’t want to be built. And Nick explains how the time for videogames is over.

We decide the weather, miss Diana, and discover quite what a meanie the Queen is. We dismiss the financial crisis. And we learn the sad truth behind Bing. Then Nick decides to do his very best to slander the dead.

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  • Arthur Barnhouse

    Good episode guys!

    I think it’s weird that John would say that the current debt crisis occurring in the first world is not something that effects him. What happened to Greece could happen to a lot of Europe.

  • John Walker

    Only if you want it to.

  • Jambe

    I plussily Googled this episode; some people may have noticed that. Probably not, though.

    This was a very easygoing Rum Doings, particularly nice on a misty day spent strolling along a flooded Ohio River and watching the coal barges chug angrily upstream through the locks.

  • Hidden_7

    John (& I suppose Nick)

    Given your not unwarranted animosity with paypal, if a fan wanted to donate money as recompense for the many hours of entertainment you’ve so far provided, what would be the best way of going about that?

    You’ve often (quite jokingly) lamented not making any money off Rum Doings, but short of buying John wedding prezzies, you’ve never provided a straight forward method for contributing to the Rum Doings fund. Just sayin’

  • Xercies


    I agree that we shouldn’t be worrying about the debt but in a way it is affecting us since it is making the conservatives make all their plans which affect us very very deeply.

  • mister k

    I very much enjoyed the slandering of Bing Crosby. Apparently Isaac Asimov died of AIDS, thanks to a blood tranfusion during heart surgery. Which according to wikipedia, is, apparently, the ture story. Cue now show joke at this point.

    Hypnosis is a funny one- it depends what you mean by effective I suppose. I don’t think theres any magic involved, but maybe the mental exercises involved might make one more able to access earlier memories. That said, considering the number of people who claim to have formerly been the Pope thanks to discovering their former memories via hypnosis, perhaps we should be a little suspicious about it.

  • Arthur Barnhouse

    @mister k

    I think recovered memory therapy is largely considered bunko science at this stage. I googled around and there isn’t a single psychology or psychiatry organization that supports it. And the British and Canadian psychological associations do everything except say it’s nonsense. But I am not an expert, merely a person who has read a lot of negative articles about it.

  • George

    I haven’t finished listening to this episode yet (washing up took less time than I expected), but so far it’s been extraordinarily funny. The plethora of silly voices put a massive grin on my face.
    Also, I expect this is relevant to the evil hypnotist discussion:

  • Colthor

    My parents read the Daily Express. I don’t know why. They even know it’s the same as the Mail (which is probably why the Express hates the Mail so much), and don’t care about Diana (a week before her death, the Express was printing pictures of her in a swimming costume and basically calling her a slut) or Millie Dowler.

    Mum does enjoy pointing out that “it says in the paper it’s going to go down to [sub-arctic temperature in Farenheit]!”, despite the paper making the same predictions several times per year. And in the summer they make predictions about impending doom-heatwaves.

    The paper also loves making wild predictions about petrol prices reaching seven pounds per quart (or whatever archaic unit). When the Middle East was exploding they had two front pages dedicated to it, never mind the revolts and civil war.

    I think the Express is just the Mail, but going out of its way to avoid anything that might accidentally be confused with news. It would be quite funny if people didn’t actually believe what was written in it.