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Rum Doings Episode 91: The Atavistic Readers Come Out Of Their Box

by on Dec.02, 2011, under Rum Doings, The Rest

In Episode 91 of Rum Doings we don’t discuss when we’re finally going to let go of our dependence on books. But instead we drink beer+coffee, and Baroness Von Greenfield, the best scientist in all the land. We celebrate how she streamlines science, and then discuss the metaphorical nature of gaming.

John reveals a terrible disability, and then we discuss the problems inherent in Michael Buerk. Which takes us on to how much we hate the gays. Then to the issues of the atavistic reader, the beginnings of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and the terrible state of Future Publishing. We then talk about the delightful late Steve Jobs, Stephen Fry, and a quick burst of phone hacking.

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  • Gassalasca

    The 1984 commercial is definitely the more famous one. Indeed, I would go so far as to call it legendary.

  • Coccyx

    Anybody else misread this as ‘the late Stephen Fry’ and have their heart skip a beat?

  • Xercies

    It was mostly Quinns article about Pathologic that got linked around on some PC Forums that got me into RPS, I think its the same for a few other people as well.

  • Gassalasca

    I heard about RPS on the PC Gamer UK podcast. I think John wasn’t on that particular episode, and it was Tim who mentioned it…

  • Hidden_7

    I think I heard about RPS from your TF2 feature on each of the classes. I can’t remember from whence it was linked to, some other gaming news site probably. But that was my first RPS article. Been a regular reader ever since.

  • scalywg

    the murdochs will go the same way as the telephone sanitisers…when the revolution hits………well ya gotta have a dream…

  • Coccyx

    I found RPS by googling John Walker’s name after hearing him on the Pcgamer podcast. Same way I found Rum doings actually.

  • sinister agent

    scalywg: “the murdochs will go the same way as the telephone sanitisers”

    Are you saying the species will be wiped out by a disease contracted from a dirty Murdoch?


    I didn’t realise Ben Goldacre had been on the show. Disappointed that you didn’t get him properly trashed on rum, but really enjoyed catching up, so a belated thanks for that one.

    I can’t remember how I found RPS, but it was almost certainly via Stuart Campbell’s old forum, which in turn was via the weekly/AP2/Mil Millington’s site, which in turn was via a search engine from back when people said “search” instead of “google”, and all this was domain squatters.

  • Alex B

    The first time I stumbled across RPS was Alec’s Lazy Ninja series. At the time RPS was great because it had 4 of PC Gamer’s best writers and didn’t cost £5.99.

  • jonathan

    It was actually my wife that pointed me in the direction of RPS, thinking it was something I would be interested in. Seeing Kieron Gillen among the writers definitely made me pay attention, though he turned out to be my least favourite of the group.

  • mister k

    I’m pretty sure I found rps via Kieron Gillen, who I was vaguely aware of at the time, and possibly random links.

    I don’t really have much to disagree with this week, which makes me terribly sad. The state of Future publishing is a bit amazing really, but I suppose inevitable- most of what people want from magazines is available from the intrnet now after all.

  • mister k

    Hmm, the black background of your site is making me notice just how dirty the screen of this computer is… stop it!

  • Capt Fatbeard

    I found RPS by simply typing best pc gaming websites into google about two years ago now and someone had mentioned it in a forum and now I don’t go a day without reading it.

  • Alex

    I think I found out about RPS from people on the Something Awful forums. Probably Dominic White or Totalbiscuit. I didn’t know who any of you were, but I really liked the stuff you guys wrote about The Longest Journey and VtM: Bloodlines!

    I ended up following this podcast because John had the prettiest voice and most comprehensible accent of the bunch on the Electronic Wireless Show.