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Rum Doings Episode 89: Not The Gentlemen, They’ve Been Beastly

by on Nov.04, 2011, under Rum Doings, The Rest

In episode 89 of Rum Doings, we don’t discuss the whether there’s going to be a saviour for our scourge of bad language. But we do discuss Sesame Street, Jimmy Saville, Australian finances and what we like the least about getting married. It’s all part of our attempt to talk about positive things.

John practises some misogyny, then Nick demands we talk about the thick seam of homophobia that runs through the gaming community. Which takes us onto an attempt to understand why homophobia seems to be the go-to hatred for so many groups. We establish why having things in common isn’t the ideal recipe for a relationship, monotheism, and the joy of two duvets. Then tales of hunts for passports.

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  • John Walker

    As my catchphrase I am going to have to trademark that word.

  • mister k

    Splendid stuff. That homophobia thread was terribly frustrating. The thing is, sometimes in those arguments I’m reminded of myself. While I managed to kick the homophobia habit fairly early on in life, I persisted in believing ludicrous things about feminism that I would happily argue about in my blinded manner. Which is why I think these people can be convinced, despite much evidence to the contrary, that maybe they could try using other words than homophobic ones.

    I am incredibly paranoid about the position of my passport, to the point where I check it every ten minutes while travelling. I actually had a friend discover his passport had expired the night before we were due to go on holiday- he managed to travel across the country to get it, thanks to some very supportive parents….

    I know this misses the point, but John’s story about prayer location does amuse. While I appreciate that many Christians, and I count John amoung them, don’t think it works this way, I can’t help but imagine God looking down on John frantically searching for his passport, thinking to himself

    “man, that guy is clearly really distressed and would really like to know where his passport is… but he hasn’t asked me yet, so I won’t help out.”

  • Xercies

    I put my passport in my pocket because i always didn’t remember it when we went out clubbing, unfortunatly it does get very battered about and folded and everything. Fortunately I pretty much always have it on me and know where it is.

  • sinister agent

    I’m glad Nick brought up the anti-Hellenism thing. I’m far from being an expert on the subject (I’m on issue 7/23 of Judeo-christian History Fortnightly”. Ten more issues and my glow-in-the-dark Ark will be complete!), it certainly seems plausible that some of the more arbitrary-sounding customs and proscriptions were more about the group distinguishing itself from others than about any inherent evil of the practice.

    It’s something I’m reminded of whenever a discussion about society reults in someone challenging a position by saying “ah, but the Greeks/Romans thought the opposite, so it can’t be inherent in nature. It must be a social construct”.

    What happens if John and Nick pray at the same time, but for two mutually exclusive things? Do you find your passport, but also not find it at the same time? And if you repeat the process later, does the success rate lean back towards the mean?

  • Ryan Hood

    Good Bye Rum Doings. I’ve listened to all the episodes of Rum Doings over 5 times. However, this is my last episode. I know you don’t care, but I need at least some closure. The way you debase death metal as idiots trying hard to be rebels made me extremely upset. You clearly have no idea about death metal. It is the one, if not the only sub-genre of metal that is actually intelligent. I’d die for most all metal and it really hurt to hear the people that provided hours of comfort slowly tear apart one of the reasons I live. Sure some bands like Cannibal Corpse exist, but it is not all of them. I’m just really disappointed, I thought at least Nick would reserve some judgement.


  • Gassalasca

    Hm if this person is no a troll, then he loves RD very much – I mean each episode 5 times, come on – but also loves death metal very much.

    Does this mean Rum Doings is rubbish as well?

    What I wanted to ask actually is what is judge Coxcombe’s RPS handle?

  • Daniel Rivas

    Idiot trying hard to rebel rebels idiotically over idiots trying hard to rebel being called faux-rebellious idiots.

    Say that ten times fast.

  • George

    You chaps have mentioned this rhum a few times and I’ve decided to try some. Can you provide specifics on what it’s called and where you buy it please?
    Also, great podcast, as always! I loved John’s Sesame Street impressions.

    @Gassalasca – I think he’s just Martin Coxall on RPS. Haven’t seem him comment there for a while though.

  • mister k

    You know, I’ve read Ryan Hood’s post several times and I still can’t decide if its a joke or not. I mean, it must be, right?

  • Nick Mailer

    mister k: It’s not a joke. Mr Hood has mailed John and me personally and he is genuinely, unironically and intensely angry with us.

  • Daniel Rivas

    But it’s heavy metal music! Surely he’s used to being told it’s all a bit boring and we don’t get it.

  • Capt Fatbeard

    If he would die for his metal shouldn’t he of been a miner in the 19th century… Bad joke sorry.

  • mister k

    Oh dear. Some people are terribly silly. I had more written, but I think that sums it up nicely.

  • sinister agent

    Uh oh, an angry death metal fan. That means you’ll be shot and set on fire and eaten by Satan now. Because that’s what they all do.

  • Xercies

    I don’t really get how people can be angry at two people that doesn’t like the same things that you do, ok yeah you listen to them a lot and you kind of respect their opinion but sometimes they can be wrong. And then I just say that part of them is wrong you have other opinions that seem really intelligent and right so you tune out the ones that are wrong, or something like that. In fact I’m sure John does it all the time with Nick going on about how games are rubbish, do you think John should totally be angry at Nick about that?

    Wow that was a lot of words for the painfully obvious.

  • RodeoClown

    I’m not sure if anti-Hellenism was a root of the Levitical laws, as they were written down well before the Greeks had much in the way of a civilisation (1400BC vs 800BC)…

    They definitely have some laws that are directly related to surrounding cultures though (particularly Babylon).

  • Nick Mailer

    Indeed. There were later Hellenic interpolations, but much of it was also a reaction to Babylon.

  • devlocke

    For the record, while the metal-fan is over-reacting (and I wouldn’t call death-metal ‘the most intelligent sub-genre of metal’ because that’s a silly over-generalization and much like calling Catholicism ‘the gayest religion’), I found you guys’ discussion of the whole thing to be ridiculous and uninformed (much like calling Catholicism ‘the gayest religion’ would be, I guess).

    There are a number of issues I disagree with you guys about, and more that I disagree with one or the other of you about (since you often disagree amongst yourselves), but that was one of maybe three moments during the entire run of Rum Doings that has really made me cringe, and feel genuinely embarrassed for you.

    It was sort of like going off on a rant about how you find the cannibal Jonathan Swift’s views on acceptable diet to be horrific and vile.

    Oh well. I don’t really care at all, and I think they guy over-reacted awfully, but I can sympathize with his reaction. Fun episode, outside of that bit.

  • Fatso

    You know that Have I Got News For You/Jimmy Saville cuts you referred to in the podcast…? You do know it’s not genuine at all, do you? Total fake written by a chap from the Some of the Corpses Are Amusing website…

    Just thought I’d mention it… don’t know why that was the thing to make me make my first post here. Hmm.

  • sinister agent

    Anglicanism is clearly the gayest religion. I worked at Canterbury Cathedral for a while ages ago, and when one particular sex scandal involving the clergy was doing the rounds, most of us were just surprised that it was heterosexual for once.

    Also they’re probably the least likely to track me down and kill me for calling them that. I love you all really, priesty guys. Just not in that way.

  • Matt Dovey

    If you love Grover, and you have seen the recent Old Spice advert at least once (as you must have done, and if not, YouTube it first), then you will cry with laughter at Grover’s Smell Like A Monster: