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Rum Doings Episode 87: Some Weird Correlatory Disease

by on Oct.21, 2011, under Rum Doings, The Rest

In Episode 87 of Rum Doings, Nick and John finally reconvene after a month’s gap brought on by weddings, honeymoons and appendectomies. So it should come as little surprise that in an episode in which we don’t discuss wasps: nature’s dustmen or hateful scourge, we talk about weddings, honeymoons and appendectomies.

New sofas, pudding wines, and goodness us, what’s this? The very first ever live Rum Doings consumption of a cream tea!

There’s theological debate about contemporary Christian music and bishops, tales of our appendices, and screaming nurses. And then a heartfelt series of thank yous for the remarkable generosity shown by Rum Doings listeners for John’s wedding. (Quick update: Debenhams have found lots of the missing items, and the throw appeared despite apparently not being paid for.)

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11 Comments for this entry

  • Alex

    I resorted to the nerdist podcasts in your absence. They were fine to listen to, but there was a distinct lack of alcohol being consumed or accusations of pedophilia. Welcome back!

  • sinister agent

    Yay, rummers! And the doers are okay as well, I suppose. You had me very, very worried for a while there. The idea that somewhere in the world there might be spoons going unrested is not one I can live with. With which I can live.

    Nick, your super immune system is a clear danger. Now that your appendix is out of the way, you should consider periodically injecting yourself with a serious disease to give it something to do all day, or it’ll get ideas about turning on its master.

  • Ryan Hood

    Ah, at last! It’s time to consume another one and then add it into my rotation. I don’t want to scare you but I’ve listened to all of the episodes over again. That’s what, the sixth time now? As the most dedicated rummer I demand that you invite me to one of the ‘Studio’s’ so we can have a chat about stuff. No really build me a statue.

  • Alex Bakke

    Six times? Amateur ;)

    Welcome back – “Essentially Jesus”. Mind if I use this on my Twitter bio?

  • mister k

    Good to have you back, and you are indeed welcome. As I said before, you’ve provided around 60 hours of enjoyment, a small donation was the least I could do.

    I feel like you’ve discussed worship songs before, and Nick is correct about their essential triteness. I know several Christians who listen to “Christian” rock bands, which strikes me as a shame. Why not just listen to good music?

  • Penfold

    Since Nick bemoaned the songs at your wedding, could you tell us which songs were played so that we too may judge them?

  • Nick Mailer

    At John’s wedding? He’ll have to say. We walked down the aisle to Mackie Messer.

  • Xercies

    Yay your back, I can tell that Rum Doings is addictive because I got withdraw symptoms when you didn’t update anymore. Lets have no more weddings please :p

  • scotchmi_st

    If you want all the pomp and ceremony in your church with a bit less of the buggering, you could always try an Oxford Movement church, like All Saints off Oxford street in London.,_Margaret_Street

  • Coccyx

    Aw, no on air reading of our homework answers? Some of us put time and effort into that god-awful punnery. I didn’t, but would appreciate mine being read out all the same.

  • Jambe

    Mawwiage, that bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam. I’m glad you enjoyed Chicago.

    Those medical escapades were quite something. Yikes!

    Clearly you needed Christian metal playing during the wedding. Tangentially, I went to school with Pat Meadows of Gwen Stacy. Shy, likable introvert of a guy who turned out to be a guitar maven. But he went way of skinny-jeans, hair-in-face, playing-backup-for-screamers terrible-metalcore and I was quite saddened. Anyway, there’s just something about guttural, throaty screaming-worship that I find entertaining. That and the idea of a born-again Nathan Explosion.

    Good to hear another Rum Doings.